Would you work in your child's schoo?

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Has anyone ever worked in the same school that their children attend? Anyone willing to offer why or why not, or share your experience?

A position may open in my son's elementary school. Obviously closer to home for me so more time at home because much less of a commute, better salary, much less gas money and tolls, but also double the population than I am caring for now.

Pro's, con's or opinions?


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hello ! yes i would. sounds like a good situation ! you can have the peace of mind that you are there if your child needs you. sounds like a "win/win" to me ! good luck with it. keep in touch and let us know how it goes ! :yeah:

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I have several students that have parents that work in my building. Though it does not have to be this way, they are truly the "poster parents" for why the parents should NOT work in the same building as their children! They tend to intimidate the children's teachers and other staff members, making it difficult for the teachers to be objective about much of anything. These ARE rather difficult people in other facets of their careers and lives, though, anyway. Medically, not too much of a problem. However, if you can be objective regarding your child, and respectful to their teachers and other staff, I think it would be awesome to be in the same building!

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^ I have seen the opposite situation also. The nurse who I replaced left the school because she was bullied by her child's teachers, and when they were not happy with her decisions regarding kids in their class, they took it out on her child (disciplining the child for things that ther other kids get away with). Now there is another parent who has a kid in that class and works in the school and the whole thing is repeating itself. The child is being punished because the teachers are upset with the parent. Terribly wrong.

That said, if I had kids I would not hesitate to work in their school if I had the opportunity. Hopefully the negative situations are in a minority of cases and everything will be fine!


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I work in the school that 2 of my children attend. I think it's great :loveya: I get to check in on them occasionally, they cant fake sick and it keeps them in-line. The best part is that they are still younge enough that it's cool to hug and kiss mom. So as I'm walking thorough the hallway I can hear them proudly talking about their mom being the school nurse. I get the occasional excited declaration, that's my mom, that's my mom, followed by a big hug and kiss. It's awesome

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awww....that's so wonderful ! you're a great momma ! :loveya:

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I have always worked in the school where my children attend. It has been great for us. We know what is going on and they know that I am around, even though I do not always see them in the school day. This year I was based at the high school where my daughters attend and I also covered where my son attends(right across the road from each other). My oldest daughter made the statement " I didn't think that I was going to like you being at the high school with me, but it really is kind of neat." It has had trials but in the end I would not want it any other way.

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I work in the high school where both of my children are. I joke with them that in a few years, I'll be the only family member still in high school! My advice is try not to be more involved than you would be if you didn't work there. I know a lot of what goes on, the drama, etc., but I try to let my kids be teenagers without watching everything they do. I think they like having me here. I usually only see them when they need money!!

When I first got the job, my daughter wasn't overjoyed, but I explained that I still have 20+ years to work and she will only be here for 4 and I wasn't giving up a job this good. She has since conceded that it is not bad having me here. I don't think the teachers in my school treat my kids any different because I work here.

My son spent his three middle school years in my school. I really liked it most of the time. I knew who he

was hanging with and what kids he would never be allowed to hang with. The only downside was I knew

every little thing he did wrong, that most moms would never know. If he threw a paper wad in class or what

ever. It was not usually the teacher but kids in his class would tell. Not to get him in trouble but because they thought it was funny. The first year I was on him a lot due to those issues. The next two years I figured if I needed to address it that the teacher would let me know otherwise I just let whatever punishment he got in class be his punishment.

Overall I loved being with him and getting to know his friends. In two more years my youngest will be there with me. She is not quite as "active" as my son.


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My community is way too small. Everbody knows one another and gossip spreads like wildfire. The nurse who was at my daughter's school quite ( more like forced to resign) mid year a couple of years ago because a parent got upset with the way she handled a broken bone. To me, the nurse did everything right. The parent was also a neighbor of the nurse and they did not get along before the incident.

Too much drama for me. Now, if I lived in a bigger town where everything would stay at campus level - I would consider it!


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I want to thank everyone for your input. Your responses surprised me. I really did expect most to say it wasn't a great idea, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong.

I don't know yet what will happen. The position has not been posted yet, but I am waiting to see what happens. Of course, the job becoming open does not mean I will get it, but I think I have a decent chance of at least being interviewed. I feel much more confident about considering the position thanks to all your positive posts, so THANK YOU!


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I have had either 800-1600 second/third graders....I have been with my daughter for 2 years...she rides with me to school.....Now that she is going to 4th grade--we won't be together. Take every opportunity to work at your child's school--you have influence picking teachers--if they forget homework--you are right there....Nothing but good here.

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