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SchoolNurseBSN has 4 years experience and specializes in school nursing.

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  1. SchoolNurseBSN

    Just a little laugh for ya!

    A teacher broght a student because she had a really bad bloody knee! Yep, red marker!!! Seriously? I didn't know it took a nursing degree to tell the difference!
  2. SchoolNurseBSN

    Tummy Ache ideas??!?!?

    I always do a medical referral after 3-4 visits for the same complaint. I also speak with the teacher and get the counselor involved. I agree that many of these kids do have psychosocial problems and that it may take a while for them to open up. But, where do we draw the line? I am at a school where I have not 1 or 2 frequent fliers but 15-20. Most have many tardies, are failing at least one class, have many unexcused absences. I do not feel I am helping them by letting them visit the clinic 5-6 times a day on a daily basis! That is why i get others involved. AND SOMETIMES, it really is nothing more than the child does not want to be in math class!!! What happens when you spend all of your time on frequent fliers? I also have diabetics, asthmatics, a child in renal failure, etc. When those kids need me......I must prioritize and tend to their needs. Sorry, but there is ony one of me and i only have so many hours in a day to figure out what your tummy ache is really all about. There ae 2 counselors, 3 administrators, social workers, psychologists. I feel those people are better trained to intervene on that child and let me provide the services that only I AM TRAINED (as the only medical professional in the building) to provide!
  3. SchoolNurseBSN

    How do you respectfully tell a teacher ENOUGH ALREADY!

    I definately agree, I always talk to the teacher first. At the beginning of the year, I give all of my teachers a list of what is appropriate to send to the clinic and what is not. Attached is a baggie filled with nurse referral slips, band-aids, and safety pins. I also REQUIRE that kids have a pass to be seen unless it is a TRUE emergency. If a kid comes without a pass, I send them right back. No exeptions! I think this makes teachers think before sending a kid down!
  4. SchoolNurseBSN

    Last week

    Best of luck and YOU WILL BE really missed!
  5. SchoolNurseBSN

    My district has gone from 14 nurses to 3.5 in 5 years

    The phrase that frightens me most is "and the job description hasn't changed in that time." It is IMPOSSIBLE for 1 nurse to do the same work as 14. Why don't we go ahead and have just 1 math teacher for the ENTIRE district also and see how that works out...................
  6. SchoolNurseBSN

    Scabies? Letter to all students or not?

    Ditto. 2-3 cases is not an OUTBREAK in my book. Sending letters home tends to throw everyone in panic mode, which is just unnecessary.
  7. SchoolNurseBSN

    Training non-nurses for shot records

    I would just hate to hear the backlash of trying to bring students up to compliance. "But that other 'nurse' said everything was fine." I just feel that the more we delegate to non-medical staff, the more it looks like our services are not needed! Obviously, in cases such as posted where you are stretched really thin...you have no choice but to delegate!
  8. SchoolNurseBSN

    New to board and seeking guidance

    The daycare is a separate entity from you, your school district, and the teacher. I believe any health communication and planning for this student should be between the day care facility and the parent. I had a similar situation here at my school. The city uses our facilities to run an after school program. The employees who run the program are paid bythe city NOT my school or school district. However, several of my teachers do run this program. I found out they were getting keys from my office manager after I left for the day and giving kids inhalers, etc. Were any of theme trained by me to give meds? - NO! Was any documentation done by them? - NO! Did any of them ask if this was appropriate? - NO! The only reason I found out was that my gloves, band-aids, etc were being depleted and I found out that everyone for the after school program was helping themselves! Despite the fact that the city had provided them with a really nice first aid kit. After I put an end to them having access to my stuff, they would chase me into the parking lot because one of their kids would have a tummy ache or a lost tooth. I explained that I am not paid by the city to provide medical care after hours and they would need to take care of these things themselves. Now, if a kid needed emergency help and I was in the building I would not hesitate to jump in and help, but........outside of that- once those kids are checked into the after school program, they are the responsibility of the city NOT the school district!
  9. SchoolNurseBSN

    Woo Hoo

    12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. SchoolNurseBSN

    It's Official!!

  11. SchoolNurseBSN

    Week before break - how's your office today?

    Injuries, injuries, injuries! Teachers do not supervise very well at my school these days!
  12. SchoolNurseBSN

    Happy Lice Day!

    It is just a nuisance NOT a health problem!! i had a parent tell me that she would not send her kid to a school that "gave" her kid lice. Thing is, her kid was the only one in the class with it. Hmmmmmmm, don't let the door hit your **** on the way out!
  13. SchoolNurseBSN

    Christmas countdown !!

    11 days!!!!!!
  14. SchoolNurseBSN

    I could SCREAM...

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned common sense? Teachers, come on!!! It ain't rocket science!!!
  15. SchoolNurseBSN

    Immunization issues!

    3-11 peepee pants a day in a school of 435???I am soooo sorry!!!Do those teachers need some education on scheduling potty breaks?
  16. SchoolNurseBSN

    Christmas countdown !!

    You go girl!