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  1. Blessedx3

    Organization help for new grad

    Thanks. We are totally paperless. We are going to EPIC in September. I appreciate your suggestions...
  2. Blessedx3

    Organization help for new grad

    I have been in a specialty practice for 3 months. Love my job and we just recently moved to a new office. I now have my own office-which should help with organization. Until I get closer to having a full schedule-I won't have a nurse. I currently call pts with their lab results until I get a nurse. I am not ADHD at all, but am struggling to find a system that works. One that incorporates staying on top of labs and worklist, calling pts, dictation and then editing dictation, etc. Any suggestions of what has worked for those of you that have been out for a while---is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Blessedx3

    NP certificate from Online University??? Good idea/Bad idea?

    My school only went to campus once..so pretty much all online. Tests were proctored. I agree with the above poster--it doesn't state anything on your certificate. You are only as good as your clinical experiences. Although I had to find my own preceptors, they were Excellent..and gave great references. So-in my opinion-the online didn't hurt me. Good luck!! :)
  4. Blessedx3

    Boards scheduled...scared out of my mind

    I agree--I set aside 3 weeks..studied 5-7 hours off and on--between 3 kids and a dog that went missing! Fitz and Hollier will well prepare you. The Liek review questions were most like the exam. My score on Liek and Board scores was exactly the same....Good luck. If you are scoring 83-85 percent on practice-you will be fine! AANP didn't throw any punches--very strait forward questions and enough info to answer!! :)
  5. Blessedx3

    Doing Direct Entry NP with desire for more clinical

    My advice is work part-time in the ER and do part-time DE program if that is your goal. In the ER-you see everything and there is some autonomy of ordering labs, etc. Your skills would be what they need to be as well. Just a thought....
  6. BSN-those are fine together. Pharm was the only one I found really time consuming...I think you will do great with a prn schedule. They feed into each other-patho and assess.
  7. Blessedx3

    Selecting Fitzgerald studying guide

    I did the live review..BUT the audio CD's are invaluable..I listened on the way to clinicals for months. When you do Peds-she offers a Well Child and Sick Child CD. It condenses what you really need to know for each major topic. The live review was good--but it's exactly what's in the Live CD/review you can purchase. I would start listening NOW to the CD's... The Leik review book is excellent as well.
  8. Blessedx3

    Want to be a NP, but not a nurse... so confused!!

    Carachel-we seem to always respond on these family topics.... I agree-I was pregnant with my second child while in nursing school. I actually graduated and then laid off for a year to enjoy the baby. I made nursing work for my family schedule--I worked part-time Post Partum, taught childbirth and lactation for years, and then was a school nurse for 1800 kiddo's when my last one went to kindergarten. Fast forward 14 years--with a hubby, dog, and 3 children-I just graduated from NP school. It is family friendly UNTIL you hit your clinical component. The last 4 months in my program--I missed a lot of family events. There is no way to do full time school and full time parenting and do it perfectly. My biggest piece of advice when going to NP school is finish your writing and all pre-req type courses first...slow if needed. I had to take 2 writing courses in my last year with all the clinicals-that was definately difficult. Best of luck..You have time to enjoy this baby. You only have one shot at being a parent. I have one that heads off to college next year....that idea is very fresh on my mind. Best of luck!
  9. Blessedx3

    Question to FNPs about clinicals

    ER and Radiology
  10. Blessedx3

    New FNP Student, What Should I Expect?

    My advise--and I wish someone would have told me: Get either Fitzgerald or Hollier CD's in the beginning. You are going to read a HUGE amount of material. These separate by body system the needed info. They are a life saver studying for boards. I tend to think Fitz is more comprehensive than Hollier. In each class-save your papers, test reviews etc by Class Name ...for example 508/spring/Rolespaper. Organization on the computer is as important as your physical papers. Welch Allyn is the best. We didn't have to buy them. You get so much experience in peds/family looking in ears--it really is plenty. I have the Cardiology III steth--love it. Can't advise on a peds one. Also-if you have a family--and can take all the writing type-non clinical courses before you hit the clinical portion--it will save your sanity (and allow for more time with your children). Also--save money so that you can go part-time during clinicals. It is a very demanding time--but doable with lots of planning. Best of luck--I graduate in a week--and wish someone would have shared this info with me!
  11. Blessedx3

    University South Alabama DNP - Review anyone??

    I will tell you--from a MSN-FNP graduate...that our class have been quite dismayed with USA.
  12. Blessedx3

    What percentage on practice test needed?

    Thank you for the info. I would like to be consistently about 83-85%...Glad you are going FIRST! :) Please let me know how it goes. I graduate 12/17.
  13. Blessedx3

    Re: AANP best Review Course!

    I went to Fitz live--and have Hollier CD's. Both have been touted on here as good courses. Hollier doesn't go into all the depth Fitz does--but they complement each other well. I am mixing the two programs for my study.
  14. Blessedx3

    Failed AANP today

    I am curious--as I take AANP in 2 weeks. Do they allow a piece of paper and pen? or write on/wipe off board. That is the one thing that helps when I get nervous--to write it out.
  15. Blessedx3

    What percentage on practice test needed?

    I take AANP in 3 weeks. What percentage on Fitz/Hollier practice test should you be at in order to pass?