Would you let someone else to administer your meds?

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  1. Would u let someone else to administer meds?

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Would/Do u let another person ( Aid, PCA, TCA) to administer your meds, adjust O2, etc?


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short answer is, NO, NEVER.


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Not on YOUR life, or my patients' for that matter!!!!!! ANother RN I trust if I am tied up with a patient who is circlin the drain, but I am very picky about who I allow to give MY patients meds.

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The only time is if another it is another nurse and we are both aware of what is being given and/or the rate (O2). Never Never an aide or anyone else! I don't give meds signed out by someone else, and I don't ask others to give something I signed out.


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Ummmm... NO!



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not an aide. We do have nurse techs that work with nurses (summer interns usually). We are expected to let them help us pass our meds per supervisors, otherwise we are not to complain about how much work we have. I always double check and ask if they know what the drug is for and what they need to watch for. They need to learn but not to endanger my license.


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No I would not.

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Isn't that illegal? You could get in a LOT of trouble if an error occurred....


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No! If I dish it up, I give it. And if someone else prepares a med; there is no way I'd give it. If I was working with a nurse tech like Moonshadeau; I'd probably be hovering the whole time. I don't want to put my license in jeopardy; nursing is the only thing I know how to do.

Not only "No" but "Hell, No!" If another nurse is helping me out, then he or she is giving meds but under his or her own signature. I would not/could not let a tech give meds! How would you chart that??? No way, no how!



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