Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

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Worst Scrub Color Ever Worn

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I'm starting soon and I have to get khaki tops with black pants. Pray for me ??

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Mustard yellow ?

Lynker, LPN

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Definitely royal blue. Had the color in nursing school for my LPN and couldn't STAND them. In my RN program at another school, they're navy and I'm so grateful! LOL



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White. How is that color not on the list?

Oh, I see you said besides white now.

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As a student I had to wear tan scrubs and the material wasn’t very thick you had to be careful what you wore under your scrubs. After I graduated the school changed to black scrubs.



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white is def the worst. I think pink looks silly 


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On 1/29/2019 at 7:01 PM, catsmeow1972 said:

Purple...I worked at the VA in the OR. As we had to change in and out upon arrival and leaving work, said purple scrubs were not to be seen leaving the building. We’d go down to the cafeteria and ya’d hear “it’s the Barney people.” Yeah, that shade of purple. Ugh.

When I was an LPN at the VA, they made us all where khaki colored scrubs. Not only was the color unflattering on everybody, but they were cut wide. 



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I wore a set of red scrubs to work and got floated to Psych Unit that night' I was greeted by first patient with, "Get the hell out, you fiery bag of mouse ***!!"

Red scrubs never had been a problem down on cardiac telemetry...



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Brown scrubs are probably the worst color choice.