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guineapignurse has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med surg, psych.

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  1. I have tried several different practice settings in my years as a nurse. I started in psych and the only reason I left was I thought I needed med surg experience before I got too far from being a new grad. Well I did 10 months of hell in med surg and...
  2. Nurse new to detox and wants to learn

    I just started at a detox facility after leaving a busy surgical unit. I have done psych nursing in the past working on a geriatric psych unit and had a membership for the psychiatric nurses association. I was wondering what associations would be rec...
  3. GPA 3.16 Can I get a job as a new grad

    Your first job might also not be in the hospital. My first job was in a long term care facility that I did my final clinical rotation in. After being there for a few months I moved over 1,000 miles away to be closer to family and I took a job at a ps...
  4. Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    I was one of those nurses that thought I had to work in a hospital. I started my career working in LTC for a short time then when I moved closer to family I went into psych and I loved it, after a year of that I thought I needed experience working in...
  5. Bullying - Will HR help or make matters worse?

    I’m being bullied by my manager as well. I have a chronic health condition (asthma new diagnosis 2 months ago) and she told me that after she talked to me about a mistake I made that I have to finish the shift keep myself together and can’t go to the...
  6. I called in sick today, they didn't accept it.

    The last day I worked my manager (hospital setting) told me I better not go to the ER again at the end of my shift due to an asthma attack that I attempted to treat all day and still do my job. I then asked my manager if she thinks I’m faking my asth...
  7. Cell Phone Use at Work: Is It Appropriate?

    My hospital went to having cell phones for us to use. We can’t secure text from them but we will get a call saying that we got a reply on our desktop based secure messaging
  8. RN with asthma

    I was recently diagnosed with asthma by my PCP 2 months ago and have had several exerbations since then and 2 ER visits. A month ago my pcp referred me to pulmonary medicine and I have my first appointment in a week as it took that long to get an app...
  9. Interview for family medicine clinic

    I have an interview for a family medicine clinic in the hospital system I currently work at. I am currently in a busy med surg unit with a usual load of 5 to 6 patients. I like it but the 12 hour shifts are hard on me because I have a recent asthma ...
  10. Cell Phone Use at Work: Is It Appropriate?

    I keep my personal cellphone on me while at work because I have asthma and I need to for my peak flow meter to record readings and to remember my asthma action plan.. That being said I will go to the break room to use it. Other than that I only use i...
  11. Attacked by confused patient

    Yesterday I had a confused patient become violent. I work on a med surg floor and this patient was in with a UTI. She was on IV abx and A&Ox 1 but sometimes 2. o do not know what her baselime mental status was.She became agitated when she was ins...
  12. Repeat After Me…What’s the problem here? | Case Study

    I would ask about his mental health history and also his family mental health history. I would also check labs for alcohol and other drugs to rule out substance use causing the behavior. As for physical causes I would want a CBC and CMP to start.
  13. Transitioning from subacute rehab to med surg

    I just started there having had my first day on the unit yesterday. I think I will be fine but it might be a challenge because the acuity of the unit is high due to the ICU being full of COVID patients and any non COVID ICU patients they have they ar...
  14. Shut off at 75 Questions but got last answer wrong

    When I took NCLEX I was sure I failed because it shut off at 75 and only took an hour plus I thought it was too easy and there was no way I passed. I waited and later found out that I did pass and this was 3 years ago.
  15. Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    As a student I had to wear tan scrubs and the material wasn’t very thick you had to be careful what you wore under your scrubs. After I graduated the school changed to black scrubs.