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guineapignurse has 3 years experience and specializes in rehab.

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  1. guineapignurse

    Is it worth it?

    I agree a year is a long time. I tried nights for a week and couldn’t do it because it made my depression and migraines a lot worse. I have been managing my depression fine without meds for about a year and after working nights for a week I thought I was going to have to get back on meds asap. Basically I felt like with my mental health I fell off a cliff the decline was that quick.
  2. guineapignurse

    need nightshift sleep/health tips

    Yes that is the plan. I will be looking even though COVID is happening
  3. guineapignurse

    need nightshift sleep/health tips

    I did one night 2 days ago and I was able to stay awake my sleep has been messed up since then as I am sleeping probably 12 hours a day when I’m not working . I have also noticed a rapid increase in my depression symptoms to the point I gave to get treatment for that. I’m going to give it a little more time while I look for a therapist to work with but if it doesn’t get better soon I will see if my employer will put me back on days like I was before. I have no life reason to do nights- no kids and I’m single. Plus my only pets are guinea pigs hence my user name. Also my facility doesn’t have shift differentials so no wonder they can’t get people to do nights LOL.
  4. guineapignurse

    need nightshift sleep/health tips

    Hi Everyone! I am a long term lurker on Allurses but this is my first time posting so please move this if it's not in the right spot. I have been a nurse for 3 years but this is my first time working nightshift (7p - 7a) as I worked 3 to 11 when I worked psych and LTC. Does anyone have tips on how to stay healthy working nights? My biggest challenge currently is sleep as last night actually this morning I was only able to sleep 4 hours. I was thinking about getting blackout shades but I live in an apartment so I need some that will work with my current shades. I am trying to stay as healthy physically and mentally as possible since I have a personal hx of depression and a family hx of cancer, CVD, DM, obesity. Also if anyone has tips on how to have a social life as well I know COVID makes it a challenge in addition to working off hours. I am noticig that even after one night of working that my mental health is worse than normal.