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  1. nursing9462

    Change to day shift?

    Anyone changed from night shift to day shift? 🤔
  2. nursing9462

    Days vs night shift preference?

    Day vs night shift preference? Worked nights for years and thinking of days.
  3. nursing9462

    Blood draws vs. phlebotomists?

    That's what I thought in terms of ER, but this was a postpartum floor that does nurse draws at a different place. I currently work step-down and do central draws only.
  4. nursing9462

    Blood draws vs. phlebotomists?

    Do you have phlebotomists or do nurses draw the patient's blood? Current place only does nursing draws from central lines, but many other hospitals seem to do have just nurses draw blood. Looking into a new job and they do nurse draws only. Curious.
  5. nursing9462


    Similar COVID-related roadblock hit me earlier, too.
  6. nursing9462

    Postpartum nursing?

    Any suggestions for a PP nursing interview? What do you like/dislike about PP nursing?
  7. nursing9462

    Postpartum nursing?

    Thanks. Basically an opportunity fell through for LDRP at my current place due to COVID-related reasons. I work in a completely different specialty, though. I have an interview for PP elsewhere now.
  8. nursing9462


    Did you like PP or NICU more? Looking at PP and have adult step-down experience.
  9. nursing9462

    Postpartum nursing?

    Thoughts on postpartum nursing? One hospital hires nurses to only 1 OB department (L&D or PP). At other hospitals, they have a single LDRP unit with cross-trained nurses. Any pros/cons of being assigned just to postpartum?
  10. nursing9462

    Taking Vacations

    You would need to do travel contracts.
  11. nursing9462

    Low Stress Specialties

    Were you working as an RN at the family practice/primary care? How was your experience? Pros/cons? I'm considering a pediatric primary care RN job.
  12. nursing9462

    Research RN?

    What do you do as a research nurse? Pros/cons? Do you like it?
  13. nursing9462

    How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    How did they train you given you don’t have the oncology experience? Do you feel comfortable without that oncology experience? What is your position like? I’m considering a similar position, but don’t have oncology experience either.
  14. nursing9462

    Switching to Research

    Do you like it? What do you do? Considering being a research coordinator nurse.
  15. What is your position? Or do you work 2 different positions? Curious since you mention a mix of informatics and bedside peds?
  16. nursing9462

    HATE bedside nursing

    Interesting. Would you be able to tell me more about your job? What you do? Are you an RN in the family practice?

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