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  1. I cant be a nurse anymore

    Curious what a reasonable utilization management caseload is per day? Thanks!
  2. Would you consider PRN stepdown nursing? They see a lot in that area! OR is hard to find, especially as new grad.
  3. Preparation for pediatric nursing certification?

    How long did it take you to complete the class? Also, how much review did you do?
  4. Any advice on how to prepare for pediatric nursing certification? Thanks in advance.
  5. Days vs nights?

    Thanks for the replies. The opening was filled.
  6. Days vs nights?

    I am newer to this facility, so that's my hesitation. Also, means unlikely to get it. I know days tend to be busier, but the opportunity to apply for days is rare... My old facility would never announce day shift openings.
  7. Days vs nights?

    Worked nights for years. Debating applying for day shift. Thoughts? Days vs nights?
  8. No med room.

    New unit does not have a med room. Just med machine in hall. This seems less than ideal for promoting safety. Thoughts?
  9. Orientation time?

    Stepdown x a few years to postpartum.
  10. Orientation time?

    How many shifts is normal for a new specialty orientation? (Not a new grad.)
  11. Advice? Postpartum or LDRP job?

    COVID stalled some things. Thanks, though.
  12. Advice? Postpartum or LDRP job?

    Deciding between a cross-trained LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum) unit or a postpartum unit. LDRP floats every 4 hours between L&D and postpartum as needed. Advice?
  13. LDRP vs PP unit?

    Between L&D and PP based on unit needs. Any advice?
  14. LDRP vs postpartum nursing?

    LDRP nurse (cross-trained and floats b/w PP and L&D as needed every 4 hours) vs postpartum nurse? Advice? Hard to make a decision. Thanks.
  15. Postpartum?

    I now have an opportunity to do either a PP unit or a cross-trained LDRP (floats every 4 hours based on needs)! Any advice there? I’d eventually like to do pediatric or NICU.