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bestallaround has 23 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Telemetry/Stepdown, Government Nursing.

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  1. One Page Resume?

    I second the OP's question. I have been in nursing for 20+ years. Looking for a new position now, I am really having trouble cutting my resume to one page. There isn't much I want to omit. I would really like to keep my awards, community service, and...
  2. Not Qualified?

    I have applied for a supervisor position that I do not possess the specific qualifications for. I did so at the suggestion of other administrative nurses who say I would be great for the position. (The job requires critical care experience which I ha...
  3. Nursing as a twenty one year old hispanic male

    Congratulations to you! I am always glad to see mi gente enjoy success. I am the only one of my three sisters to have a job. They don't understand why my husband allows me to work. Good ole Latino values. Keep up the good work.
  4. N95 mask

    Welcome to my world. At my hospital, we have to wear our N95s with a surgical mask over it for 12 hours. Many of us have a nose, lip, cheek, or chin issue with the mask. Not to mention dry mouth and acne from the heat and humidity. Many of us us...
  5. Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    When I was an LPN at the VA, they made us all where khaki colored scrubs. Not only was the color unflattering on everybody, but they were cut wide.
  6. COVID-Positive Nurses Working: Irresponsible or Smart?

    When all this started, the ER was not testing patients for COVID. They would send the patient up to our tele/step down unit and the next day, the attending would order the test. So we'd come in the next day and our patient that we had not worn full P...
  7. COVID-Positive Nurses Working: Irresponsible or Smart?

    Real talk......I work at a small rural hospital in NC. We have had probably over half the staff test positive at some point. The very first nurse to get sick and test positive was out of work for about 3-4 weeks. She could not return until she had 2 ...
  8. Wilmington University RN to BSN

    I'm sorry. I thought you were asking about University of North Carolina Wilmington.
  9. Is Nursing Dangerous?

    I would say so, working 40+ hours a week.
  10. Wilmington University RN to BSN

    I am currently in UNCW's online RN-BSN program. I applied on a whim in the summer, not thinking I could possibly get in because of my GPA and I don't have a ton of college credits. But strangely they called me and said I could start in two weeks. I w...
  11. Resume Heading Arrangement

    My resume has the following headings arranged in this order: Professional Experience Volunteer Service Education Awards/Recognitions Credentials Professional Organizations Is this the proper order, or does it really matter?
  12. Is Nursing Dangerous?

  13. Is Nursing Dangerous?

    In my experience, I do think nursing is dangerous. I have been kicked, punched, spat on, had my breasts and crotch pinched- all by patients who are not in their right minds. I have had coworkers who have received black eyes, broken noses, one who sus...
  14. North Carolina VA's

    I worked at the VA in Fayetteville for 12 years. I had been told by many employees that had worked at other VAs that it was not a very good one. I have heard the VA in Asheville is wonderful. Also the VA in Durham, despite it's bad publicity in the n...
  15. Depressed anti social low self esteem. What to do?

    I'm so glad you opened up and expressed how you really feel. I often feel that in nursing we try to maintain a "good girl" image. We need to be honest about our own health and feelings, even when it may be perceived as negative, or not what others ex...