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EMT-B, new PCT
New New Nurse Student
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caitlinbishop specializes in EMT-B, new PCT.

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  1. caitlinbishop

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    I'm starting soon and I have to get khaki tops with black pants. Pray for me
  2. caitlinbishop

    New PCT, kinda worried

    I honestly don't know what to do. I graduated high school last year and I'm still living with my parents because I can't afford to move out just yet. But I got a job at a hospital recently and I'm supposed to start in roughly two weeks. I am so worried about bringing the coronavirus home with me. I have a little sister I share a bed with, and I am extremely worried about giving anything to her, as she just had a tonsillectomy. Should I find a way to move out? What are you all doing to prevent spreading it to your families? Any advice at all would be amazing.

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