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I honestly don't know what to do. I graduated high school last year and I'm still living with my parents because I can't afford to move out just yet. But I got a job at a hospital recently and I'm supposed to start in roughly two weeks. I am so worried about bringing the coronavirus home with me. I have a little sister I share a bed with, and I am extremely worried about giving anything to her, as she just had a tonsillectomy. Should I find a way to move out? What are you all doing to prevent spreading it to your families? Any advice at all would be amazing.


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Hey there Caitlin,

I live with my husband and am a PCT at a hospital that has various cases. At your hospital they should be providing face masks (if you have said cases at your hospital), practice (can not stress this enough, hand hygiene). I know there are hand sanitizers usually outside the rooms, I use it before entering the room, once in the room and always put on gloves before I touch a pt. After like 5 uses of hand sanitizers, then I use soap and water, however you can always use soap and water whenever you feel the need.

Use proper PPE if rooms are stated they need it. (you will be trained at your hospital what their signs/action are like).

When I get home, I leave my shoes in the garage and I literally change out of my scrubs in the garage. I immediately throw them in the wash and wash my scrubs along with, I take a shower (just a body shower is fine too) and wash my hands. For extra precaution you can use a nasal spray; neilmed. Spray in both nostrils and immediately blow out.

To be honest, if you practice great hand washing, PPE when needed and monitor how you are feeling, you should be fine.

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I bring A full set of cloths and shoes and change At work including shoes, socks and garbage bag whole thing.
shower and laundry immediately upon Home arrivals and bleach spray my whole shoe paying special attention to bottoms. WAsh hair too daily, Google how to don and doff PPE, hand wash before and after pts and before eating before and after restroom and at end of shift one more wash. You will need a good hand creme I use aquaphor and all medical Personal equiptment like stetoscope etc I alcohol Spray With alcohol if not then bleach solution 1 part bleach and 9 parts wAter good for 24 hrs mixed. -best of luck


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How are you and your family doing? Did you make it through the Summer healthy? I'm starting as a PCT so these tips are helpful.

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