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    Tristar Nashville 2019 New Grad

    How did it go for you guys? Are you happy at HCA?
  2. rooftop-yawp

    Standard COVID Precautions

    I have some questions about how hospitals nationwide are handling COVID. Mainly curious about hotspots, but all answers appreciated. 1) Do you wear N95s all day, outside of COVID+ rooms? 2) Is your hospital testing all patients, or only those who are symptomatic? 3) If you're wearing surgical masks, do you get a new one each day? 4) Do you have both COVID+ and COVID- patients on the same shift/same floor? 5) Do you feel it's inevitable that you and/or your family members will have COVID at some point and, if so, do you think it's because you're a healthcare worker? 6) Are your coworkers keeping the doors closed on COVID+ patients, PUIs, and those with aerosolizing treatments? Thank you!