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  1. rooftop-yawp

    New Grad in Nashville

    I ended up at Saint Thomas West, and am pretty happy there! The residency program is a good one.
  2. rooftop-yawp

    Anyone know of an Online US IV Class

    Oh, actually just realized who OP is! I've been commenting on posts so I can get the necessary 15 comments to PM you 😄 I'm in a similar position you were in with choosing a new grad program. About to accept a position at Centennial for PRN nurse extern, but not optimistic about the work environment as a nurse there with no PCTs. Which hospital did you end up choosing, and are you happy there? Also, welcome to east! It's my favorite part of the city and I hope you love it here too.
  3. rooftop-yawp

    Anyone know of an Online US IV Class

    Thanks for asking this. I've been curious of the same thing.
  4. rooftop-yawp

    Standard COVID Precautions

    I have some questions about how hospitals nationwide are handling COVID. Mainly curious about hotspots, but all answers appreciated. 1) Do you wear N95s all day, outside of COVID+ rooms? 2) Is your hospital testing all patients, or only those who are symptomatic? 3) If you're wearing surgical masks, do you get a new one each day? 4) Do you have both COVID+ and COVID- patients on the same shift/same floor? 5) Do you feel it's inevitable that you and/or your family members will have COVID at some point and, if so, do you think it's because you're a healthcare worker? 6) Are your coworkers keeping the doors closed on COVID+ patients, PUIs, and those with aerosolizing treatments? Thank you!
  5. rooftop-yawp

    Passed the PCCN 8/30/2020

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing. Super helpful.
  6. rooftop-yawp

    Help! I Can't Hear Lung Sounds

    I say you find a friend and ask for help. Tell them you're having trouble hearing, and can they use their stethoscope, put it in the right place so they can hear, then give you the earpiece? I do this pretty frequently with weird heart sounds. I know they're there, but I can't hear them, so when someone else can I ask if they can find it then let me listen while they hold the bell in the same place. Takes away the variable of placement, plus they can tell you exactly how it sounds/what you're listening for on that particular patient. Also, have you listened on yourself? One day I did that and it was super helpful. I could experiment with different bell placements and breathing patterns and see how they sound without the pressure of being in a patient's room. ALSO, sorry it's small and silly, but make sure your bell is turned the correct way.
  7. rooftop-yawp

    New Grad in Nashville

    I graduate in December. Trying to figure out the next step. Has anyone heard good or bad things about any hospitals in Nashville, excluding Vanderbilt? I'm so thrown by the fact that Centennial doesn't use PCTs on most floors and still has a 5:1 ratio. The nurse residency program at Saint Thomas is competitive. I haven't heard anything about surrounding hospitals that have a supportive work environment. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. rooftop-yawp

    New PCT, kinda worried

    How are you and your family doing? Did you make it through the Summer healthy? I'm starting as a PCT so these tips are helpful.
  9. rooftop-yawp

    Study Tips

    What worked for me: Recording lecture. Listen to it while you're driving. Listen to it on 2x speed with your notes in front of you. Have notes in different colors. If you can't remember the exact info, you can at least remember it's in a certain color for that category and go from there. This is especially helpful in pharmacology. Youtube videos: RegisteredNurseRN and Level Up RN are my two favs, but there are lots out there. Also Quizlets are helpful.
  10. rooftop-yawp

    HELP! Prioritizing nursing intervention

    I'd talk with your classmates. Quick thoughts from me: Always culture before administering ABX. So grab that and your other bloodwork before Rocephin. ABC, so oxygen first. Some of these routine things are weird, so like is it time to take vital signs and give food? Maybe VS soon too. I would go: O2, VS, blood culture/CBC, other meds while they're coming in with CXR, then diet at the end. I don't know if you're starting the IV. This is such a weird question and I hope they're not grading you on a correct order.
  11. rooftop-yawp

    Anyone else make a stupid med error as a student?

    Yeah, learn from it but I think you're good to go. Thank you for sharing with us so that we can also learn. So the computer didn't catch it when you scanned the med?
  12. rooftop-yawp

    New Grad in Nashville

    Was trying to revive this board but then bumped down my question. Would love some answers, so bumping it back up!
  13. rooftop-yawp

    Moving to Tennessee

    Chattanooga is a wonderful place. I've heard good things about Erlanger. Cost of living is much more reasonable than Nashville, but it's more small-town too. I haven't lived there, but have lived in all directions of Nashville. I like east Nashville the most, but it's expensive. South Nashville, like Woodbine area, was also one of my favs. Not Antioch. West is overly expensive. Donelson/Madison/Hermitage areas are nice.
  14. rooftop-yawp

    St. Thomas Nurse Residency 2021

    Did you guys get in and, if so, did you have letters of recommendation?
  15. rooftop-yawp

    Where you at??? Tennessee Roll Call!!!

    Title: Nursing Student -- graduating in December! #years experience/specialty: Very new to the nursing game, but can pour you a kickass drink, teach you how to jump horses over things, and tell you all about world travels. And boats. Part of TN: Nashville Day/Night: I'm a night owl but working through those early morning hours sounds ROUGH. But do does waking up at 5:30 on the reg, so still TBD. Future goals in health care: travel nursing!
  16. rooftop-yawp

    New Grad in Nashville

    I graduate nursing school in December and am figuring out a next step. I interviewed at Centennial for a nurse extern position, but was thrown by the fact they don't have techs. I also haven't read great things about their 2-yr nurse residency program, which is a requirement (and a contract). Saint Thomas seems to be my only other option, since Vandy takes BSN only into their residency program. Do any of you have experience with Saint Thomas's nurse residency program, or have thoughts on working there vs Centennial? Accepting all advice, please and thank you 🙏🏼