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My patients get results! CDCES formerly CDE certified diabetes educator

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Enarra has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care.

I will start school in fall 2020 for nursing informatics MSN at CUNY SPS based in NYC.  I am also a certified diabetes educator (CDE).  Trained in motivational interviewing.   I work as a nurse RN at a ambulatory primary care clinic at a hospital.

Other: I have a cat who gets into everything.  I love rock climbing, hiking, biking and anything out doors 

Former lives:  janitor, tutor, business owner, resume writer, paralegal, artist and now nurse and future nurse informatics  




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  1. Drive overnight if need be You need to return your badge it’s a must and write a proper resignation letter which will go into your permanent HR file. There is an exit interview they must give you cobra forms from HR, resignation letter Google it if ...
  2. BUMP! WOW 10 years after my first post after graduating from LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC). Thank you to everyone for keeping this thread alive and going. Congratulations to all the graduates and I'm glad this post was of help to many o...
  3. Enarra

    Laguardia Community College 2021

    BUMP! Good luck everyone
  4. Enarra

    Radiologist tech vs Nursing

    my thoughts is that nursing RN is way more flexible theres so many specialties than radiologist tech. just go to indeed type in nursing jobs vs. radiologist tech and salary is also much higher too
  5. Enarra

    Multiple applications to ADN program

    eh? you won't get 7-8 ID numbers you do your prerequisits at one school then you apply to as many nursing programs as you want after you completed the prerequisites.
  6. Enarra

    Is nursing really for me?

    Do what you like? if you don't know what that is then take a year off try working in different areas of fields that you might want to work in that's what I did. Unfortunately nursing is not for the undecided, forced by family expectations, etc beca...
  7. Enarra

    Licensure by Examination in Another State

    eh long post I got lost reading anyways easiest way I feel is to to take the NCLEX in the state you already have residency in now. then apply for endorsement aka pay the fee for whatever state you want to go to.
  8. Enarra

    HIPAA violation?

    uh yes it is a HIPPA violation a major one. She better delete that video fast and hope she didn't post it online nowhere because once it spreads theres no taking it back. I just finished studying the topic on HIPPA and ethics. If this leaks out s...
  9. Enarra

    Upcoming New Grad trying to move back to NY

    NYCHH hires with ADN but they want you to have your BSN within 5 years. I work for them when I got my ADN still here and love it. here's there website https://employment.nychhc.org/welcome.html
  10. Enarra

    Pros and cons of RN clinic nursing?

    in my clinic MAs reports to RNs and documents it as so we do oversee them and write them up if a verbal warning doesn't work. I tell you the MA to report to me if vitals are out of range once and 2nd time you don't do it I tell you again 3rd time I...
  11. Enarra

    BS to MSN for RN

    I'd highly recommend getting your BSN it's only 1 year and in the long run it is not that much of a time, it does teach vaulable skills, then go for your MSN and pick up some RN nursing experience while you're in school all theory and no practice is ...
  12. Enarra

    Any Dual ANP or FNP/WHNP Programs

    you may have to pick an NP Program with your highest interest first then after do a Advanced Certificate Program on top of it which will then qualify you to practice as both.
  13. HI everyone, Super late reply I knows, well I am a Fall 2020 student, took a year off so now restarting as Spring 2022 student in CUNY SPS MSN Nursing informatics. application was a breeze just follow the instructions to the letter, write an aw...
  14. Enarra

    Which GPA do DNP programs look it?

    I believe they look at your BSN because I took had a similar experience as you, BA had a 2.25 GPA, AAS: 3.94 BSN 3.86 GPA graduated with summa something something and got accepted into the MSN: program of my choice CUNY MSN: Nursing Informatics ea...
  15. Enarra

    New Graduate Nurse NYC

    I feel your pain and would encourage you to keep doing work you're doing: apply everywhere anywhere nursing home, covid vaccine clinics they're always hiring, hospitals, even consider relocatting to upstate NYS for 1 year just to get that golden 1 y...