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Enarra BSN, RN

Ambulatory Primary Care
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Enarra has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care.

I will start school in fall 2020 for nursing informatics MSN at CUNY SPS based in NYC.  I am also a certified diabetes educator (CDE).  Trained in motivational interviewing.   I work as a nurse RN at a ambulatory primary care clinic at a hospital.

Other: I have a cat who gets into everything.  

Former lives:  resume writer, paralegal, artist 




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  1. Enarra

    Should I go back to work?

    Your choice but keep in mind everyone is a potential covid19 positive. So they get treated as positive. No matter where you work you’ll encounter this. Unless you can afford to not work at all. I think a place you know and are happy at is way better than a new place you don’t know and you’d still have pt with potential covid19. To be fully protected you’d need full PPE n95 mask, gown, hair cap, eye goggles or face sheild. And be very careful with Don And doff the right way and of course hand wash hand wash. my routine is change at work out of my scrubs, socks, shoes and plastic bag everything, go home immediately throw scrubs in washer and me into shower and wash hair too. Bleach spray all personal med equiptment used and work shoes. good luck!
  2. Enarra

    *HELP* being accused of gross negligence

    Time to call your malpractice liability insurance and talk to an attorney. And while you’re at it I’d not post anymore details here this not private.
  3. Enarra

    Looking for remote positions

    Insurance companies hire but I don’t know name. Telehealth is a big thing now with covid19. Wellness/ health coach, CDE certified diabetic educator, telephone triage for clinics or urgent care or insurance companies. Good luck
  4. Enarra

    Nursing job with routine

    Plenty of options just off the top of my head: case management care management certifies diabetes educator CDE wellness/health coach School nursing ambulatory primary care (clinic) doctors office pharmaceutical rep home care visiting nurse telehealth nurse educator Private duty teaching Home health aides research nurse nurse recruiter Nurse legal Consultant nurse paralegal nurse attorney theres more I just can’t think of it right now.
  5. Enarra

    Critiques on my resume?

    Delete clinical rotations that’s not nursing exp it’s fluff. Make it 1 page you do not have the amount of nursing specific experience to justify 2 pages. Separate language skills into its own line like so: Language skills: xyz. - best of luck
  6. Enarra

    How should I order the sections of my resume?

    No clinical exp that’s just fluff and will be seen as such. Font Ariel or times no smaller than 12, and 1 inch borders. Best of luck! new grads usually have a chronological style: objective summary education work exp even non nursing work Volunteer exp certification / licensure language skills Computing skills
  7. Enarra

    Would you include this on your resume?

    Add some volunteer work, you want to show you were active in your community while you’re job searching ex: I did NYRR, MRC and hospital volunteer, in the nursing club while student
  8. Enarra

    Spanish speaking patient phone calls

    My company uses cyracom as telephone translation service provider. Look them up. if someone calls main line it will say welcome something and then In Spanish it will say for spanish press 2. If they do nothing it defaults to English. Good luck
  9. Enarra

    Difference between Clinic nurse and Clinic RN

    Same thing. But if it says clinic RN it’s RN and if just clinic Nurse can be LPN or RN
  10. Enarra

    How do I find a clinic/primary care job?

    I work in primary care and It’s an outpatient clinic inside a hospital. I found my job just by constantly checking my companies career website every day if not more and reaching out to the nurse recruiters at the hospital. Look at doctors office too that’s primary Care too. I used indeed and LinkedIn and company websites. Good luck !
  11. Enarra


    In person is better but with covid19 they may have everything online. I highly recommend Kaplan, Know the Kaplan decision tree by heart and run every question thru it. And do lotsa questions I did upwards of 5000+ questions To prepare Ask you need knowledge and test taking stamina and speed too. 1-1.5 min per question max
  12. Enarra


    I used this book as a student: Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice by Susan G. Dudek
  13. Enarra

    Further learning

    Any nursing med surg book will have that info mine was by brunner and suddarth. Uptodate.com your company’s medical library will have a subscription to it ask for access it has everything you want to know on drugs and diseases etc. maybe see if you can shadow in ICU for a few hours
  14. Enarra

    ISTJ Nurse Specialty Recommendation

    There’s also nurse researcher, pharmaceutical consultant, nursing informatics (me) plenty to do I don’t read into personality typing too much. It’s a tool not fortune teller. Try different specialties see what works for you. I tried 4 specialties and none fit I’m on specialty #5 back to school for nurse informatics.
  15. Enarra

    Career Dilemma

    My friend is a fireman captain now he is also an RN. When he retires from fire dept he can do nursing. I’d take the fireman position with all its benefits and do nursing after if that’s what you want
  16. Sounds like some elaborate scam. Consult a lawyer reach out to your liability malpractice insurance they have lawyers to defend you that’s what you are paying for. Do not give any info out don’t even confirm you are you take their info and tell them you will get back to them

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