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Enarra has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care.

I will start school in fall 2020 for nursing informatics MSN at CUNY SPS based in NYC.  I am also a certified diabetes educator (CDE).  Trained in motivational interviewing.   I work as a nurse RN at a ambulatory primary care clinic at a hospital.

Other: I have a cat who gets into everything.  

Former lives:  resume writer, paralegal, artist 




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  1. Just wondering the rational behind it why do I as future nursing informatics who will have no contact with patients need to take advanced health assessment, advanced pharmacology, advanced physiology?
  2. Enarra

    Orientee too slow on EMR..now what?

    Orientee gets flustered when I speed up so have to go at her pace otherwise she’d freeze and can’t remember how to find info she could find before. She’s a bit older. I’m trying to get her to be comfortable w EPIC know where to find what info. I ...
  3. Enarra

    Orientee too slow on EMR..now what?

    Thank you everyone for commenting! I was able to identify a few areas that taking up too much time and Then demonstrated how I do chart review and documentation. And that speeded things up a bit. I’ll think about what those sheets will look like...
  4. Hi everyone, I need some tips to help my Orientee before they finish orientation and have her fly. I feel she doesn’t have a firm grasp of the EMR and is spending a lot of time looking for stuff hence chart review and documentation takes a lot...
  5. I was thinking of pursing both degrees. I am starting an MSN in nursing informatics in fall 2020 and I feel I may want a MSN in adult NP and work on weekends as NP To stay Current. Iwas thinking of going for the NP after the informatics degree. W...
  6. So I was thinking of pursing both degrees. Thoughts anyone? Now I am starting an MSN in nursing informatics and I felt I may want a MSN in adult NP so was thinking of going for the NP after the informatics degree. Work wise I am now in primary ca...
  7. Enarra

    Hiring freeze?

    Keep applying until you get a signed job offer because verbal means nothing. Best of luck!!
  8. Enarra

    New Nurse Looking for New Job

    Hello and welcome! I can tell you right now most hospitals have a hiring freeze due to covid19. Customize your cover letter and resume for the job you’re applying for. Otherwise keep applying in person, networking, indeed, Volunteer, hospital webs...
  9. Also Nursing RN is way more flexible career wise than radiology tech which can only do one thing. And there’s a big difference I pay scale. my thoughts would be study for NCLEX relearn all materials if need be and take the exam get licensed and ...
  10. Enarra

    Is it responsible of me to try to become a nurse?

    I think it’s completely doable I know a few nurses and medical personnel with diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar, depression etc when stable you go to work and if unstable you call out or use FMLA. The hard part is are you able to recognize that yo...
  11. Enarra

    How did you choose MSN program?

    How I decided which school to attend was strictly based on cost. I applied to two schools and accepted by both For MSN in nursing informatics: The Ivy League NYU Costs $1800 per credit and city university CUNY SPS $470 a credit and it needs 45 credi...
  12. Enarra

    money issues

    Totally true I as new nurse thought and felt I was rich! so bought what I wanted spent freely still saved a bit. This lasted a few years. I finally sorted out my finances after a good friend asked me why was I living this way paycheck to paycheck ...
  13. Enarra

    Interview Attire for New Grad Male Nurse?

    I believe that interview attire is business suit and tie and polished n clean black shoes. No scents other than deodorant. Colors are: Charcoal, navy blue, black. Business causal is too wide and open to interpretation. I have always worn a skirt...
  14. Enarra

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    I don’t understand it. Why is everyone still hoarding toilet paper? It’s not even edible. Yet every grocery trip I can’t find my fav brand Either cottonelle ripples. Been using generic for the past few months...bah!
  15. Enarra

    Nursing Portfolio? Opinions?

    I Did it because it was a requirement to graduate. I made a online nursing portfolio and gave access only to my professor and advisor it was otherwise locked and sealed. Why? I don’t want people Classmates, schoolmates the whole Internet copying...