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Lynker has 3 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC, Rehab.

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  1. Lynker

    Help on being a better floor nurse

    Thank you Davey. I'm going to ask my manager that I need help learning some things when I start back up.
  2. I'm going back to LTC, and I feel like I struggled with a lot of basic nursing things that I should know, being a nurse for three years now. I know how to pass meds, take vitals etc...but I still struggle with things such as lab values, knowing when ...
  3. Lynker

    Guilt About A Med Error

    Katie, you made a tiny medication error. Your error did not cause him to pass away. Unless he was deathly allergic to them, there's no way your error could have caused it. Both meds you gave take a few weeks to start "working" in the body, as they ar...
  4. Lynker

    A Night-shifter's Guide to a Good Day’s Sleep

    Thank you! I'll be going back to my overnight job in a few weeks, and this showed up at the perfect time.
  5. Lynker

    No Time for Appointments

    Hi, I'm making this thread because I've been having so many mental health issues lately. I work full time in a doctor's office, which I love. But right now I've been needing 1-2 days off a week just for therapy appointments, assessments, and so...
  6. Beautiful answer, Beth. OP, is there a way you could shadow for a day as the ADON? To see what it's like? This might help your decision.
  7. One word: RUN.
  8. Lynker

    Quitting First Nursing Job

    Thank you so much. I put the resignation in that day after work. I feel much more free and lighter than I did.
  9. Lynker

    Quitting First Nursing Job

    Hi. I've been at my per diem nursing home job for almost 3 years now. I haven't gotten a raise, and the working conditions are constantly getting worse. I've reached my breaking point, with the constant begging to come in and disrespect of my ti...
  10. I don't have anything to add, but most HR departments will have your pay stub information, even if they need to email it to you or something. I wish you luck in this hard situation.
  11. Lynker

    LPN failed out of RN program 2x, advice?

    Thank you so much, Nurse Beth. I'm gonna take another shot after awhile, when I feel ready. 😊 It's hard to accept where you are in life, but I guess that's simply a life lesson!
  12. Lynker

    Starting A Career In My 50's: CNA or LPN?

    That sounds like a great route! I was a CNA for 7 months in LPN school and it helped me SO much, learning to take care of people and talk to them. Good luck!! You'll do great!
  13. Lynker

    Starting A Career In My 50's: CNA or LPN?

    definitely go for LPN, especially if it's free. You'll get to where you want to be sooner. LPN pay rates are going up and are significantly higher than CNA, and it's a very fulfilling job. Also many types of jobs you can get, compared to CNA. L...
  14. Lynker

    Im 44 / is it too late for the Hospital

    It's never too late to do what you want to do! Go for it! What is holding you back other than your age?
  15. Lynker

    Tips for a new triager

    Thank you for your response! I can imagine a lot of these techniques take time to grow. I haven't started yet, sadly. I should be in the next week or two!