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If I missed an earlier discussion on this I'm sorry just ignore this. Do you have a set scheduel where you work. I dont and it is driving me buggy. I work 3rd which my body finds hard enough to deal with. Not having a set scheduel doesnt allow me to adjust to anything from one month to the next. Am I the only one who has this problem? BTW always 3rd just not the same days on reg basis.


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set schedule, wednesday thru sunday night. Monday and tuesdays off. I volunteered to work every weekend so I could get 2 nights in a row off every week


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One place I work, all is set, 12 hour shifts. The other is self-scheduling and some people work 12s others 8s. I find both work fine when people are happy with it; not too great when their rhythms are broken (For darn good reason). It goes in cycles and usually things get hairy and people get cranky when there are a lot of sickcalls and vacations. It can get hard to cover these. Requests are honored as much as possible and being perdiem, I pretty much control my own schedule.


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It would be so much easier having set days. I work "baylor weekday nights"..........two 16 hrs shifts 3pm-7am(32 hrs/paid for 40). They are not back to back and are not the same days each week. There are only 3 of us who do this shift and we are trying to get "set days"........Management says, "they need us to be flexible".........we say, "you have per diem staff to fill in the gaps, don't use us".............The only way to get the same days each week is to commit to weekends. But, can't even do that because they already have full-time baylor staff for weekends. I can't see why with the 3 of us, why they can't schedule us the same days each week???

Our schedules come out for the whole month, so atleast we know what our schedule will be well in advance. That helps some, but it still would be nice to have regular days.



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We work three twelves and schedules vary because we work every other weekend. I also work nights and actually like not having a set schedule because of the flexibility it offers. If my night to work fell on my child's birthday I may not be able to get it off. This way I can turn in a request for whatever nights I want off and almost always get them. We've looked at fixed schedules, but in the long run this works out better for us.

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My unit does self you can maybe sorta manage a kinda set schedule... although you are either every other or every third, that would through it off.

Personally, I am on the Baylor plan which requires you to work 3 12's between Friday 7 am and Tuesday 7am. I can't work Mon nights bc of school the next day, so I pretty much have a set schedule.... varies slightly but I at least know I am off Tues, Wed, Thursday and one other day each week...:)


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Hi, I have seen several discussions about 12 hour shifts with every other weekend off and it precluding a set schedule. I am rather puzzled by this as I have been workng a set schedule for 5+ yeas. It is in a 2 week cycle Off M-Tue, work W-Th off Fri, Sat Sun,on M-Tue, off W-Th on Fre, Sat Sun. We can swap prn and when we need extra days or vac. we have people who don't want to work 12s full time but will do it to fill in. It helps that we are a small group of nurses who have been working togeher for years with minimal personnel changes.


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we do schedules 1 month at a time


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When I started working as a nurse I worked 6 hour shifts during the week and two twelves on the weekend then I had 7 days off. I loved it, I knew a year in advance when I would have a week off. Now its hard to get a set schedule. I know which weekends I will have off but that is about it. I dont think facilities have one specific person doing the scheduling anymore either, that job has probably been eliminated or handed to some poor overworked soul.

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I work 12 hour night shifts, and we DO NOT have set schedules and it stinks. One week I might only work 3 days that those with 12 hour shifts work, and the next be on 3 days off 1 and back on for 2 more days. Typically with a 12 hour shift you are scheduled 6 days out of 2 weeks, but this facility might take all 6 days and cram them into little over a week. It stinks you are too tired and not home to do anything with or for your family, and your never sure what you schedule will be from month to month.


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Nancyluphi that's the same as ours. Worked well.

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