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  1. iamme457

    help settle hubby / wifey dispute

    If that is your only disagreement issue, I am jealous. I tried that marriage thing (lasted 15 years and gave up) and the co-habitation thing (lasted 2 years) and now I do what ever I want with the toilet paper, newspaper, money, dirty dishes, clean ...
  2. iamme457

    Knee pain, Hip pain, Back pain.....HELP

    I also have high arches and the less support I have the less pain I suffer. I think the arch is a big part of the shock absorbing system. Good shoes are important, I replace walking or combined training shoes every 6 months. I try to find two pair...
  3. iamme457

    rose colored glasses

    Nurse aid and paramedic prior to nursing school, no rose colored glasses here either.
  4. iamme457

    Carolina BONUS Services

    I wonder what Carolina Donor Services input is to this.
  5. iamme457

    work scheduels

    When I started working as a nurse I worked 6 hour shifts during the week and two twelves on the weekend then I had 7 days off. I loved it, I knew a year in advance when I would have a week off. Now its hard to get a set schedule. I know which week...
  6. iamme457


    We have all been there. Patients dont feel well, thats why we are caring for them. Seems just about anything aggitates em too. I guess if I was sick, frightened and dealing with strangers I might question a few things too. I am also not real qu...
  7. iamme457

    Anti-depressants anyone?

    I just started taking Zoloft for depression which is related to menopause hormone changes. I have been on it for about 2 weeks now and have noticed a drop in appetite and I am sleeping a little better. I have been exercising a bit more for the last...
  8. iamme457

    First appt. at college - in tears!

    I went to nursing school at 35, had my 3rd child late August before my second year of nursing classes started. I had to take a year off but I did graduate and have been a nurse for 10 years now. It had been 16 years since high school for me. ...
  9. iamme457

    Any new grads that went into the ICU?

    I have seen new nurses start in ICU CCU and Trauma and a few in ER. Some make it and some give up others just burn out. The same thing happens in Med/surg, the number of patients can be overwhelming just as the acuity of two or three in critical ca...
  10. iamme457

    please say a prayer

    There is always time for prayer. May God be with both of you.
  11. iamme457

    please say a prayer

    There is always time for prayer. May God be with both of you.
  12. iamme457

    Have you ever been hit by a patient?

    And the world wonders why there is a nursing shortage. I have been pinched, bitten, scratched, kicked, slapped and punched many times. Most often by confused patients. ICU, Trauma and neuro patients are all a bit crazy sometime during their stay w...
  13. iamme457

    Are you ashamed of being a nurse?

    I have never been ashamed of being a nurse. Occasionally I am disappointed of other nurses behaviors and judgements.
  14. iamme457

    Is It "Reality Shock" or am I in the Wrong Area?

    This sounds pretty normal to me. It will take you about 2 years to feel comfortable in any critical care area. The pace is fast and you have to make a lot of quick life and death decisions. Just as soon as you learn a medication and its side effect...
  15. iamme457

    Where do you see yourself in 5 Years???

    Could be a few answers here. I have considered obtaining a nursing home administrators license and I am now starting my original business again as a farrier and horse trainer and consultant. I used to love my job as a nurse, now it is usually stre...
  16. iamme457


    Wonderful, this is excitingyippeeee tooo Deanna