is 5wks long enough to study??


I graduated 2wks ago and received my ATT earlier this week. I just ordered study guides that'll be here next week. I haven;t scheduled my test yet. I'm think sometime the first full week of October. Is that long enough time to prepare or should I go with 6wks? Thanks!!


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Start studying and then see how you feel. Some people need longer than others.


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Work at it for five weeks. If you feel you need more time after five weeks, then reschedule. Up to you. Most people give themselves from three weeks to three months.


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I think 5 weeks is plenty long enough! I studied for 2 weeks or so, but really only buckled down the last week. But that's me- a big procrastinator!! So, if you're a little each day for 5 weeks, or be a dummy like me and study 6 hours a day the week before. lol!!



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I gave myself 4 weeks to prepare, and lets c where that leads LOL...I take NCLEX this Monday :eek:. I just feel the sooner the better, because the info is still fresh in your head. But If you feel you are not prepared enough, u can always reschedule up to 24 hrs before the date. Good Luck!


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depends. nobody knows what questions you will get anyway. some people study like for a year but still failed and some like a week or two or even didn't even study w/c some thinks it's suicide but passed...

if you're comfortable taking it asap or prepare for it a bit longer then choose your path...


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The sooner you take your exam from nursing school, the better. Therefore, 5 weeks is a great time period. I graduated in May 2010, but I had my nieces all summer so studying was difficult. Long story short, they went back home to VA on Sunday, August 22 and my exam was scheduled for August 27. In those 5 days, I did some intense studying, Kaplan questions, ATI with rationales and now I am awaiting my results. The computer cut off at 75 questions, of course I wasnt prepared for that! But I will let you know. I would recommend that you study by topic and the areas with the highest percentages like Management of Care, Pharmacologic and Parenteral Therapies. Look at the breakdown and go from there.


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Hi bluecalmsea,I'm in the same boat as you. I'm giving myself 5 weeks as well. I took kaplan, we had to take a diagnostic test to see where our weakness are, so I'm starting my studying there. Good Luck

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it really depends on whether you are prepared after that 5 weeks. i think i studied for 4 weeks but it was daily and non stop, i only rest to eat and sleep and watch some tv.