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spongebob6286 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. spongebob6286

    Who is hiring in Las Vegas

    small hospitals here hire but pay is incomparable to bigger ones
  2. spongebob6286

    Summerlin hospital

    my friend likes it there..... 6-7 patients, good pay
  3. spongebob6286

    Las vegas nurse registry/corrections

    naphcare also won the henderson jail...
  4. spongebob6286

    RN pay in Las Vegas

    i started as a new grad years ago and it was 26...
  5. spongebob6286

    Las vegas nurse registry/corrections

    naphcare has CCDC
  6. people with addiction are under psych prob...
  7. spongebob6286

    behavioral health

    does anyone of you work at desert parkway behavioral health? they are currently hiring and I'm interested in applying.. i just want to know how was it?
  8. spongebob6286

    American RN wants work in PH

    First of all before u consider working here is do u know how to speak our language?
  9. spongebob6286

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    Cant believe they have height requirements. Here it can be considered discrimination and u can complain them
  10. spongebob6286

    St. Luke's Global City Training 2012.

    I got an 80+ average but didnt get in.but its ok i dont leave there anymore
  11. spongebob6286

    foreign nursing graduate from philippines

    visit the FL BON website. they have instructions there
  12. spongebob6286

    Question about taking NCLEX w/immigrant status

    CA now requires us to take NLE unless ur a USC. sad to say u have to take it =(
  13. spongebob6286

    CGFNS' Credential Evaluation Service

    its their personal choice and u just have to respect that. although my state didnt require NLE, i still took it for the same reason as yours. they dont need to prove themselves to anyone
  14. spongebob6286

    NCLEX review center

    in my humblest opinion, u can do self review, u just need to be very patient, dedicated and resourceful. i got mine in the internet and library. u dont need to spend thousand of php and $, save that money for the applications
  15. spongebob6286

    Badly need my license

    lesson learned, whenever u get the chance, u have to do it now not later
  16. spongebob6286

    Help - copy of clinical rotation schedule

    u just have to ask your school to resend it again to them =(