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  1. Cateygirl

    is 5wks long enough to study??

    I think 5 weeks is plenty long enough! I studied for 2 weeks or so, but really only buckled down the last week. But that's me- a big procrastinator!! So, if you're good...do a little each day for 5 weeks, or be a dummy like me and study 6 hours a day the week before. lol!! Cate
  2. Cateygirl

    Took Nclex this morning...

    Good luck!! Just check...I think you passed but either way, you'll feel better. If you passed, it will be your happiest moment, if you didn't...well than, at least you can move on. LOOK!! lol!!
  3. Cateygirl

    Found my name in Nursys.com

    How soon after you took your test did you see your name on Nursys? I see my name on the state board link but not on Nursys..... cate
  4. Cateygirl

    Today was a good day!

    SO....I PASSED!! I posted this morning that I was taking my test today. It was horrible, I thought for sure I failed. It shut off after 199 questions. After about 85 I started freaking out and thought for sure I failed. I feel like I guessed at so many. There were a lot of prioritizing. UGH. So glad I don't have to do that again. I told everyone I passed; that PearsonVue trick better be right!! Thanks all for the prayers and well wishes!!! Cate....RN!!
  5. Cateygirl

    Today's the day

    Oh my gosh, you guys!!!!! I am so not trying to freak out but that obviously can't be helped. I am leaving in a few minutes to go take my test and really just praying so much that I pass. I am so sick of studying, want to find a job, want my kids to have their mom back, and about a million other things that only you guys would understand. This is my first time posting but I read all the time and have become addicted to the "random fact throwing" topic lately. I really hope when I come home I will be able to do the PearsonVue trick and I get the good message. Okay, deep breath.... Cate