Why do you want to/did you become a Nurse?

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Hi all!

Maybe this topic has been covered before, but I'm new here.

The reason I'm asking is two fold;

  1. To get to know some of ya'll (yes, I'm from Texas)
  2. Because I think I've got an odd reason (shrug).

Anyway, the reason I want to become a Nurse is b/c I had horrible care/treatment many years ago - on two different occasions - and witnessed horrible care to a patient while working in a hospital on at least one occasion. I want to make sure that my patients receive better. Is that strange?

Hope to hear from ya soon!

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I decided to be a nurse to plan for the future.

I can't be a stripper forever.

Sara, you sound very compassionate.

We all come to nursing for different reasons...

I'm here because God told me to do it. Sounds all weird, I know...

I was going through a hard time in my life... some mid-life stuff and challenges with a special needs child. One day as I was driving along thinking about my life, something inside of me said "you need to go to nursing school". I chose to believe it was God. I fought hard to think it was some strange idea of my own, since I had started nursing school 25 years before and flunked out.

Instead of getting weaker over the next year, though, the feeling just kept getting stronger. I began to know that it was what I was meant to do. So many good things have happened to me in my education experience that I know that there has been supernatural intervention to get me where I am.

I start in an accelerated BSN program in the fall, having almost finished all my prereq's.

Hey there Sara...welcome to the boards! ?

I've always been fascinated by the medical field. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a nurse. Then I got hooked on watching Quincy & wanted to be a medical examiner. (I know, I know...) Then I got into HS & got busy with all that bs that you have in HS. When I finally got around to college...I went into psychology. Wanted to be a shrink. Well, after 4 years of that...I really didn't want to get my masters or Psy.D, so I went on to do office jobs...clerical stuff...stuff like that. Then this past year my husband was diagnosed with an acoustic neruoma (which he had removed in March successfully and is doing well now) and also went through the pain of a kidney stone. So I spent a lot of time in dr's offices and hospitals. I realized that ... heck... I STILL want to be a nurse! So here I am. About to turn 33 at the end of May & just starting back at school! :p

Welcome to the boards, Sara. I became a nurse because I wanted to since I was 4 or 5 years old. I nursed all my dolls, etc for as long as I can remember. I dedicated my life to God as a nurse because I felt led that this is what I should do. Nursing was a calling, not a career, not for the money, but because this is what I should do. I can honestly say that I never regretted a minute of it. I have been told by my doctors that I will never be able to nurse again and I am having to be become adjusted to this. It is very hard and a difficult task to accept. But I will come thru it and be stronger for it.

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I'm in Oklahoma City so we are not too far away. I want to be a nurse because I have always been interested in health related and medicle topics. I LOVE my anatomy class, I just dig this kind of stuff. I am interested in emergency or critical care nursing.

I'm 29 married with 2 young children (5 yrs old and 15 months old) and Im in school full time doing my pre reqs for the BSN here at OU.

Good luck!


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Originally posted by delirium

I decided to be a nurse to plan for the future.

I can't be a stripper forever.

Too funny!


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I'm going for the big bucks. Gonna make my first million and buy that Beemer I've always dreamed about.

Seriously, I've always loved medicine, I enjoy interacting with all sorts of people, and pregnancy and babies just fascinate me. That's it in a nutshell. ?

I've always thought the workings and intricacy (sp?) of the human body is amazing. I just don't see how anyone can study A & P and still not believe that we were all created by a divine Creator. However, that's just my feeling. :)

Anyway, I have several nurses in my family and I've always been fascinated listening to them talk to each other in medical language. I really can't say why I want to be a nurse, but after almost a semester in the program, I believe I made the right choice. It's scary and overwhelming at times, but after having that patient who will sit and talk to you about her son despite the pain she's in, and knowing that after all is said and done you have helped relieve some of that pain.....it makes it all worth it. :)

God bless!



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- My main reason for getting into nursing is that my career in the computer science field is just plaing boring anymore.

- Sure, I make decent $$. But sitting in this bloody office cube all day is for the birds.

- With the economy the way it is, I ended up taking a programming job in the middle of nowhere (Evansville, IN). We are like 4 hours from the nearest trout stream (my passion in life is fly fishing).

- I am so bored with the whole situation, that I went out and blew $800 on a persian cat to keep me company. After four layoffs and two cross-country moves in the past two years. I just want out of the comp. sci. field.

- The travel nurse thing really appeals to me, as well as the possiblilty of someday becomming a CRNA.

- If nothing else, just studying something besides computers will break up the monotony.

Hi there,

I'm new here too! I'm 28, three little ones (2 are twins:eek: ) well its funny how I decided nursing was for me...

About 6 years ago I had the worst job ever and my boss was a piece of work (as in loser) well I remember sitting at a park reading the want ads looking for a job while my son 2 yrs old then was playing.

In a little corner at the bottom of the paper was an ad for an eight week class to become a certified nurses assistant. Now I had no experience in health care whatsoever, I had no idea what a catheter was. This little voice said to do it. So I did! I loved being a cna (still do) eventually it got to the point where I needed to move to the next level.

One of the local colleges was offering an adn program at night so I enrolled and here I am with two semesters left! Woo--hoop

That's me in a nut shell!

Good luck to you, girl!

I think sometimes you just know x

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