Where are you in LPN School?


I thought it might br fun to see where every one is at and maybe if somesee something some one finshed they need help in we can help each other

Where are you in your LPN program?

We started March 10, 2008 we graduate April 2009

We have three levels we are finishing level 1 mid September.

We finished:

Introduction to nursing

Nursing readiness

Microbes & Man



Fundamentals in Nursing w/Labs

Environment & safety


Body Mechanics

Anatomical Terminology

Bed making

Care of the Skin

Fundamentals in Nursing w/Labs 2


Vital signs

Nursing Documentation

Intake & Output

Bandages & Binders

Open Gloving & Sterile Tech

Admission & Discharge

Human Body 1

General Plan


Muscle skeletal



Human Body 2





Nervous system

Special system

All the above we finished

We started The following


Pharm Theory DONE

Pharm Math ½ Done

Pharm Labs Start in September

Introduction to nursing 2

Nutrition Done

Mental Health Done

Mental illness Just have final left

Growth & development just have final left

Concepts & Challenges

Just starting




Level 2

Care of the individual 1

Concepts & Challenges

Ends in December

Level 3

Care of the individual 2


Nursing in the Community

NLN Comprehensive

Ends in April


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I am goig to Southeastern regional Technical Institute, in S.Easton, Massachusetts. I start Sept. 3, 2008- July 8,2009.

Dont know exactly what my schedule is yet...I guess Ill find out on the first day....But I am very excited!


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Just found these courses on my schools website, with some descriptions so thank goodness I looked. It eased some of my questions....

Term I


Integrated Science

Growth, Development & Behavior

Introduction to Pharmacology

Fundamentals of Nursing

Clinical Practice I

Term II


Care of Child, Adult, Aged

Clinical Practice II

Term lll


Senior Practical Nursing

Clinical Practice III

Term IV


Care of Mother & Newborn

Clinical Practice IV

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:hpygrp:Where am I in LPN School? I haven't started yet. But I hope I can count on my fellow student nurses/and experienced nurses to help me out.


LPN School starts Sept. 2nd

Class hours 5pm-1030pm Mon thru Thurs-Level I/ Level II is 430-10pm Mon-Fri with clinicals on Mon & Friday and classroom Tues,Wed &Thurs

Graduation date--2010 (sometime in May)

Level I

Structures & Function of the Human Body

Personal Vocational Relationships for Nurses

Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy for Nurses

Fundamentals of Nursing

Gernotological Nursing

Life Span

Pharmacology I

Level II

Nursing Care of Family (Birth to Death)

Mental Health Nursing

Pharmacology II

Nursing Care of the Child Bearing Family (OB)

Long Term Care and Community Care Nursing


I'm definetly looking forward to starting school.

Good Luck to all!:bow:

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I in Minneapolis, MN

my program was supposed to be about 16 mos, I started in Fall 2007 but I was going partime so I will not finish until May 2009. I have 1 semester left, after I start next week. I have Med-Surg 1, and 2 left and a couple of clinicals.


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I started my LVN program in Jan 2008 and will graduate Dec 2009.

Level I (16 weeks)

PVR w/Mental Health Concepts

Nursing Skills

A & P


Level II (16 weeks)




Started Med-Surg (this goes thru end of year)

Level III (17 weeks)

Cont. with Med Surg

Pedi & NG


This is our last week of Level II and next week starts Level III, so I am in between....

LMK if you guys need any help!


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anyone else want to share

We are almost done with level 1

We have finals next week on rehab,Onc,MathIII,Oral meds labs, and a comp test on surgery,Onc,Rehab.

Then onto level 2


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Well, at our school, our first quarter involves core and health science classes. The second quarter involves nursing fundamentals and the health science classes we haven't taken yet. There are some prereqs for a couple of the health science courses, so those are the ones taking with nursing fundamentals.

Well, I was in another medical major prior, so I have already taken:

English 101

Math 101

Psychology 101

Introduction to Computers

Medical Terminology

Anatomy and Physiology

I have to retake A&P due to taking it too long ago. I already retook Med Term.

This quarter begins in 2.5 weeks. I will be taking:


Diet and Nutrition Therapy

Medical Calculation

Introduction to Health Care (have to get first aid/cpr certified by midterm)

The next quarter all I will have is Nursing Fundamentals. We will start clinicals then. It is a 10 hour course and I have nothing else available to take with it. I might retake Intro to Computers for a full load and an easy A since we cannot take anything not listed for our major.

I'd have to go get my handbook to tell you exactly what is after that.


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October 1, 2008 will be one year in school! I'll graduate the end of February, 2009. I can't believe it's been a year already, it has gone by so fast! Just starting term 3, our last term, we'll start clinicals soon in a hospital instead of LTC, can't wait to experience that! Good luck to everybody!

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I Started Beta Tech in richmond, VA on June 23, 2006, a week after my high school graduation. And in January 2007 i also started taking my rn pre-reqs at the local community college. And next week is finally my last week of lpn school, i dragged a 16 month program 7 additional months, but i am completly done with all my prereqs, and i have been accepted into Virginia commonwealth University, my classes start march of 09, and its only 2 years!!!!!:yeah:


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Just finished up my first quarter(started July 7th) and school starts back up on Sept. 29.

1st Qtr:

Nutrition and Diet Therapy (acquired credit in high school)

Nursing Fundamentals

Drug Calculations and Administration

...and on Sept. 29 I'll start on

2nd Qtr:

Med-Surgical Nursing I

Med-Surgical Nursing I Practicum

Stoked! :D


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I will come back...Awesone gesture...

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