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  1. Ella26

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Hi there, I feel like it’s a wide range as well. I came from the north (MN). The pay is definitely a lot lower here. I have had 2 positions in a private practice clinic and the pay ranges were $24-$25/hr. I also had a job offer for LTC/Rehab facility that offered $26/hr. Not sure about impatient RNs though.... Baycare is very reputable, but hard to get into. Good luck.
  2. Ella26

    My everlasting journey towards my nursing dream/goals

    It took me 14 years to go from... CNA>LPN>ADN>BSN... you just keep going. Set small goals and crush them! Sometimes, I still pinch myself that I finally have my BSN, because it was a long and arduous journey.
  3. Ella26

    5 Steps to Nursing Career Satisfaction

    Very good advice! Thank you!
  4. Ella26

    Class of 1998: A Journey Through Two Decades of Nursing

    I have only been a nurse for 9 years....But, the mere thought of taking a pencil and paper NCLEX and then waiting months for results... is absolutely terrifying!! Kudos to all that came before computerized NCLEX. I was a wreck for 1 DAY waiting for results!
  5. Ella26

    Just took NCLEX-RN June 2018 and my experience

    Very good advice. Congrats! Good luck on the job hunt!
  6. Ella26


    I'm curious to your responses. I'm planning a move to the area as well. I have different stats however-looking at clinic settings...
  7. Ella26

    Moving to Florida

    Hi there, I plan on moving to FL from MN in the next few months (I already have FL single state nursing license, my sis lives there I've been visiting every few months) Anyhow, my question to you is... 1) How close to your move did you start applying for jobs? 2) How did you handle interview situation? Video/phone or you fly down for in person? Would really love to hear others' experience with this... Thanks
  8. Ella26


    I felt like my PN-NCLEX was harder than RN. But, I think it's because you don't know what to expect the first time. For RN-NCLEX, I also studied things that I felt weak on LPN. They didn't even test me on those subjects. I thought the RN one was weird as they also didn't ask me any labs, drug calc, any meds, or EKG strips. Mostly priority, assessment, and delegation questions. I thought there is no way I can pass not being asked any of those topics. Turns out I was wrong. Passed PN at 85 questions -1st try Passed RN at 75 questions -1st try So, I don't think they test LPNs harder to answer your question. I just think, it's new info when your an LPN.
  9. Ella26

    Twin Cities Clinic RN Pay

    Hey guys, I work at a private office, but just curious what the bigger health systems like: Health Partners, Allina, Fairview and Health East start RNs at?
  10. Ella26

    Feeling discouraged about current job prospects

    Good luck on your journey!
  11. Ella26

    New grad pay ?

    What did they offer you?
  12. Ella26

    New grad pay ?

    I'm in a private clinic- $27.50/hr. I believe I would make more at a bigger health system. But, I like my job. No nights, weekends, and paid holidays off!
  13. Ella26

    RN working as a PCA

    Meanmaryjean is right.
  14. Ella26

    ARCC or Century?

    Both are good programs. All the schools in the cities are very competitive. I'm not sure how many apply vs accepted or with what composite scores as I graduated years ago before those criteria were implemented. You should be able to get all those questions answered at an information session or calling the nursing programs admissions office. This MN forum moves slow...
  15. Ella26

    Feeling discouraged about current job prospects

    I am not in your same boat as I have no desire to work in a hospital or LTC facility. But, I will add that if you live in the twin cities, apply or try to find a job in a more rural area hospital. Work there for a year or two and then try to get into hospitals in the metro. I heard rural hospitals hire ADNs and don't have strict requirements about having a BSN. Otherwise, just keep trying.