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  1. Have you had a bad reaction to the H1N1 vaccine? If so what happened?

    no reaction
  2. Please help I have a few,but I need help Pt has renal calculi, needs stent and will have lithotripsy I need a total of 5 with 5 interventions for each
  3. Nclex Review online course

    I don't see the one you r talking about, but I took this one
  4. Any LI Hospitals Hiring LPNS

    Do you any hospitals hiring LPNS on the island? TIA I know most are phasing out LPN's and there are jobs in LTC, bit a girl can dream right and check all options
  5. Fail with 85 questions on nclex PN?

    I got 85 questions and passed
  6. Can a LPN be a school Nurse

    Can a LPN be a middle school Nurse 6,7, & 8th graders?
  7. Can a LPN be a school Nurse

    Can a LPN be a school Nurse in a middle school- 6,7,& 8th grades TIA
  8. For those struggling with SATAs,drag and drop questions

    I had 75 %-select all that apply Look at each choice as a true or fasle Don't freak out at the 12 choices Just one at a time I know sounds simple,but until someone told me I would panic when I had them in practice tests I passed Good luck
  9. Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    How many questions did you take on NCLEX? 85-PN 2. What study materials did you use? Did you take a test review course? Saunders and took review class-Ready to Pass 3. Did your SON offer any testing (ERI, ATI, HESI)? NO 4. How long did you wait for ...
  10. I passed

    Took test the 2nd found out I passed the 4th-NCLEX PN I took a review class-Ready to Pass I used Saunders I had 85 questions- about 70-75% were select all that allpies I never wanr ro do that again,but I will for RN Yippie Skippy I passed
  11. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I passed the treat works
  12. holiday and quick results

    I took it thursday and I passed quick results rule
  13. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Did the trick not work for anyone? like the pop up came up,then you found out u failed Please let us know
  14. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    How long after taking the NCLEX do you have to wait to do the trick? If you go to PearsonVue and it says under staus delivered- is then when you can do it I will pay the 9 bucks when it lets me to see the unofficail results,but I need A little peace ...
  15. NCLEX-PN...How long did you wait to test?

    I am in NY I graduated 4/30 I sent in my paper work and was told it takes 4-6 weeks to get a date for nclex