Graduation Gift- Which Littman & Why?


i am graduating and it seems allot of people are asking me which stethoscope to by their loved one.

most everyone wants a littman- so which one and why do you love it?


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I have a Littman, I got it before I started nursing school. I am not sure what kind it is, it has an egg shaped bell.............or is it diaphragm (I can never remember, the side I use to listen to heart, lung, bowel sounds).

I love it, until one day I had a really hard time listening to heart sounds while taking an apical pulse. I moved my stethescope EVERYWHERE. She was a bigger woman, for the most part all I could hear was lung sounds. I grabbed my CI to make sure I wasn't missing anything. She let me try her cardiac stethescope (not sure exactly what kind of cardiac), I could hear heart sounds perfectly.

I know when I get out of nursing school and finally have a little bit of money I am definately buying a cardiac stethescope of some kind. I am sure it will come in handy quite often. For now my current Littman will have to do.

i think it might depend on where you're going to be working, i've had rotations at two hospitals where each patient had their own stethoscope (we had to clean the earpieces in between nurses) bp cuff, and thermometer.


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Yep, for example one of Littman's cardiology steths can be used in Pediatrics, the other one can not. So it depends on where you will be working.

But I would absolutely go with Littman's cardiology one! And don't forget to engrave your name on the bell!


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It would depend on how much you are willing to shell out the ADC electronic is the best BAR none... and I have had many...

this from a die hard Littman fan

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I agree, it would depend upon your graduation and your particular practice.

I use the Littman 4000 (amplified or electronic stethoscope)

I would suggest you look over they have many different types of stethoscopes and descriptions, prices etc.

Or, go to a practitioner (Nurse, NP, DO, MD) and ask about their stethoscope, how long they have had it and do they like it.

Good luck to you


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