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athena55 BSN, RN

critical care: trauma/oncology/burns
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athena55 has 38 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in critical care: trauma/oncology/burns.


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  1. athena55

    What makes a COB crusty?

    Glass syringes After you counted your needles, they had to be sharpened I saw the introduction of art lines and the swan ganz Making our own TPN under a hood Standing watching and counting the drops of the IV and having to know the difference between a macro drop and micro drop Anyone remember sippy diets? Remember drum catheters (forerunner to central lines)? Floating a swan could take over 2 hours because you had to use the floroscopy (sic?) machine Spinning a crit collecting the urine to do a sugar and acetone doing your own specific gravity on urine Proud Member of the Crusty Ol' Bat Club! athena
  2. athena55

    Passed ANCC Adult Gero NP

    Congratulations! And thanks for listing what helped you as you studied for the ANCC Adult Gero Exam!
  3. athena55

    Absn with army reserve

    Welcome, Unakadh!
  4. athena55

    LPNs in ICUs titrating drips

    Thanks for responding ktwlpn May I ask, which state?
  5. athena55

    LPNs in ICUs titrating drips

    Hello Everyone I work in a Military medical center and we utilize LPNs in our burn unit but the rumor mill has churned out that in the near future only military LPNs will be hired. My question is: How many LPNs/LVNs are currently working in an ICU and - if you are, do you titrate drips such as levophed, vasopressin, dopamine, lidocaine, etc.? If you DO titrate drips, were you certified to do so? Do you take an annual in-house certification exam that "allows" you to titrate the above mentioned drips? [i am trying to do research and justify keeping our LPNs in the burn unit] Thank you all for reading this and thank you for your responses. athena
  6. athena55

    Hard of Hearing and school issues

    Hi Amber My question to you is, did your LPN program know or were aware of your hearing loss when you applied? Were you hearing while at the LPN program and then lose your hearing after graduation as a LPN? I would hope that you would be accepted into the RN program without a problem. You would be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Check out the Department of Justice website for more information. http://www.ada.gov/ If your school program accepts federal funding then they would have a very hard time from excluding you, especially if you meet all the qualifications for the program. Then again, a lot of potential undergraduate students wanting to gain access to a BSN program are placed either on a lottery system or a wait-list as there just aren't enough BSN instructors/professors to teach.
  7. mcdebb BTE = Behind The Ear. I take mine out when I am in a room for a few hours (I work in a Burn ICU and the inidividual rooms are cranked up to 90 degrees F and boy do I perspire) so I take them both out and place them in a sealable bag that came with them. I am hoping to get the okay to be able to use my own amplified stethoscope in the BICU - just waiting for the audiologist to write a letter explaining to ID that I need them. Shouldn't be a problem as I will clean them before I enter the room and again when I leave at the end of my shift. Good luck
  8. athena55

    so many choices....so little time

    Nalon1: Thank you for responding. I have sent the information to him. :)
  9. athena55

    so many choices....so little time

    Hello All My friend is moving to Houston, Texas for a new job and he asked me about choosing different utilities in the Houston, Texas area. I know nothing about gas, electric, water, cable in Houston (currently stationed in San Antonio) Which electric, gas, cable and water company(ies) do y'all use? Any helpful hints or suggestions on how to find the right utilitiy company? Any websites that Gil can go to? Thank you athena
  10. athena55

    Job offers

    I totally agree with KerryNurse on this. How would you feel if you spent two plus weeks orientating someone to a position and then they tell you they are leaving for another job, one that they really wanted but they took this one hoping that the other place would call? That would be a NO-GO.
  11. athena55

    Can I still become a nurse with a disease

    Hi! Please do not view me as being insensitive, but..... Not sure why it would? If they don't ask, why would you tell? Does the Celiac disease drastically alter your Activities of Daily Living? Can you do just about anything EXCEPT eat anything and everything? Good luck to you!
  12. athena55

    oral Distress of Critical Care Nurses

    Hi casalamar Ummm....not sure what you are looking for?
  13. athena55

    Just Got Denied at VA for New Grad Program

    I echo the others who have posted above me.... You are barking up the wrong tree! I was with the Reserves then went to the active side-of-the-house. Those who are RC raise their right hand and state the same Oath as you did/do. Those group of Reservists are held accountable to the UCMJ same as the AC, 24/7 JUST LIKE YOU. They are not "week-end warriors" but "Week-End" citizens.
  14. athena55

    I cant believe I passed my CCRN today! 8/27/13

    Hi Five and Good For YOU! Congratulations on passing CCRN.
  15. athena55

    PCS-ing to San Antonio, BAMC

    Hi Lunah! Yeah, well I have been home almost six months post deployment (wow how time flies.....) and I shouldn't be deployed again for 14 months (which has been my average, smile) Thank you for the tip about the Converse area. Hey, watch your six while you are deployed.... athena
  16. athena55

    PCS-ing to San Antonio, BAMC

    Carolinapooh....I responded Thank You