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critical care: trauma/oncology/burns
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athena55 has 38 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in critical care: trauma/oncology/burns.


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  1. mcdebb BTE = Behind The Ear. I take mine out when I am in a room for a few hours (I work in a Burn ICU and the inidividual rooms are cranked up to 90 degrees F and boy do I perspire) so I take them both out and place them in a sealable bag that came with them. I am hoping to get the okay to be able to use my own amplified stethoscope in the BICU - just waiting for the audiologist to write a letter explaining to ID that I need them. Shouldn't be a problem as I will clean them before I enter the room and again when I leave at the end of my shift. Good luck
  2. athena55

    so many choices....so little time

    Nalon1: Thank you for responding. I have sent the information to him. :)
  3. athena55

    so many choices....so little time

    Hello All My friend is moving to Houston, Texas for a new job and he asked me about choosing different utilities in the Houston, Texas area. I know nothing about gas, electric, water, cable in Houston (currently stationed in San Antonio) Which electric, gas, cable and water company(ies) do y'all use? Any helpful hints or suggestions on how to find the right utilitiy company? Any websites that Gil can go to? Thank you athena
  4. athena55

    I cant believe I passed my CCRN today! 8/27/13

    Hi Five and Good For YOU! Congratulations on passing CCRN.
  5. athena55

    Jumping back in to school! Oh my...

    A tip for those of you who may be new to APA required papers for school: APA and MLA Format and Style Software by PERRLA, LLC - PERRLA.com Costs about $35 but the program that you download to your computer sets up EVERYTHING: your header, your title page, your reference page. Lifesaver for me! Check out the website. Good Luck
  6. athena55

    Army Nurses Stationed / deployed

    Hi Currently deployed Afghanistan, last deployed 2 years prior to Iraq Now ANC is deployed from 6-7 months (not including my pre-deployment training) Current duty station Fort Bliss, been there ~ 4 years, due to PCS. Deployment? Everyday is ground hog day, everyday is different. I have seen too much blood, too many deaths.
  7. athena55

    Reduced sound from learning stethoscopes?

    My suggestion is go see your college's 504 Director. IF she/he can't help you, then contact the Department of Justice regarding the ADA. How about you suggest the instructor takes a BP and then you take the BP. Of course, it may be different, especially if you both take it on different arms. Accommodations can always be suggested and acted upon. If you were on the floor and had a question about, say breath sounds, you would go to someone else and ask them, hey what do YOU hear, right? GO to your 504 officer STAT. Good luck and please let us know how things turn out for you. athena
  8. athena55

    Information about US Army Reserve Nurse Corps

    I would also suggest start putting together your 201 file, the "I LOVE ME" file. Make a copy of everything and place it in this binder. Any certificates, training, awards, TPU stuff, anything and keep it safe. My 201 file is hand carried by me where ever I PCS to. Don't wait to be volun-told. Volunteer, if you can. You will learn so much, especially true what you stated about those with prior service. Pick their brains - in a nice way, smile. Depending upon your TPUs METL, you may get a lot of experience....Have fun. Stay Safe. And thank you. athena
  9. athena55

    FY 2013 Army AD incentive changes

    The ISP - I signed up for another 4 years, so it is still on the table... athena 66H8A Afghanistan
  10. NO. When you get on base, find out if they have a Military Clothing Store and buy what you need. As studentnurseCT stated, hopefully you will have a sponsor that will "show you the ropes" on what to buy. If there is no Military Clothing Store then find out what patches you need, and order them on-line. You will need your last name/Name Tape, US Army velcro tape, the US Flag velcro, and your rank for your ACU and for your PC.
  11. I agree with jeckrn: Dress nice. Be prepared to possibly fill out paperwork, write down any questions you have beforehand. Have fun! athena
  12. I know this reply is late. Have you spoken with your audiologist? You will be surprised how many know of someone who works in the medical field and are deaf/Deaf or HOH and use amplified stethoscopes. Another suggestion is to look at google.com and search for amplified stethoscopes, then read them over. Then you could call/e-mail or TTY - does any one use a TTY anymore, smile? and ask them your questions. Do you wear in the ear hearing aids, or BTE? That might help you make up your mind which device would work better for you., Also do a search here on this forum and see what you can read. Hope this school semester is a good one for you, athena
  13. athena55

    Nursing in the Military

    Welcome back! Congrats on finishing up your nursing program NP, cool - are you looking at family or adult? May your path through AMEDD be as smooth as it should be, smile. Keep us posted on your progress! athena
  14. athena55

    ODS - Weight - Navy

    I can only speak for the Army and when I went to Officers Basic Leadership Course (or whatever it is called now, smile) if you were overweight or did not pass you diagnostic PT test, then you did not receive your graduation certificate/diploma and your evaluation stated that you did not achieve the standard. Back in the day, you had I think it was 90 days to lose the weight and/or pass your APFT and then you would get your cert. But that was in the Reserves, not the Active side-of-the-house. I hope that someone who went through AD OBC can help you out. Just keep doing what you are doing: exercise and lose the weight safely. Good Luck. Keep us posted on your progress! athena
  15. athena55

    Alternatives for 12 step ?

    Ma'am You hit the nail on the head when you said "Now I know I can't help everyone, expecially until they are ready" Sounds like he is not ready, yet. As Meriwhen stated, "His recovery is solely in HIS hands, and it's what he is willing to make of--and do for--it" Just my 2 cents athena Afghanistan
  16. athena55

    Please help: Millitary Nurse

    I believe sometimes it is hard to be a spouse in the military: Think of it this way, you are on call 24/7, you go to training (TDY or Temporary Duty) - depending upon the course, two weeks to 3.5 months, you may get deployed, you will move or PCS (permanent change of station) every 2-3 years, you will be voluntold to be on this or that committee....and your spouse is left to keep things running in your absence. It seems that you two have talked about. Good. Keep the lines of communication open, good luck with your undergraduate degree! Keep us posted on your progress, smile. athena afghanistan