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  1. Lena202

    Downstate Accelerated/Class of 2011

    Hey, what's with all the *****? The word I used was absolutely innocent...
  2. Lena202

    Downstate Accelerated/Class of 2011

    chaya, your replies and suggestions have been wonderful (as usual)! i would just like to add, that two of my clinical professors did have a problem with me wearing a white scrub top, even with the downstate patch sewed on. so getting at least one uniform top might be a good idea. female or male top, i guess that it depends on a person. i would still choose the female one, even though a patient last week though i was a catholic “sister”… do not dare get the school's pants! they look horrible, tapered at the bottom and absolutely shapeless. any pair of white scrub bottoms will be just fine... if tanguera discouraged any one of you (i personally think she should stop all the whining and negativity, because that's all she's done since the beginning of the program), do not let it get to you! first, know the best method by which you learn. it is physically impossible for a professor to teach you all the info you need to know. so don't expect to be spoon fed, it is not high school. you need to read on your own, but hey, we are all “adult learners”, right? second, organize your time wisely, especially in the first summer. yes, it will be hard, but if you organize everything in advance, you will be less stressed. third, make friends! and this one is very important! you will be learning, laughing, helping each other, making group project and studying together for 15 months, and having people who know what exactly you're going through is crucial. fourth, be proactive! in a clinical, there are 10 students and only one instructor. she can't be there holding each hand. and that's where you need good people skills. be nice and respectful to the nurses, and they will teach you more than the instructor! yes, some of them might have an attitude, but don't let it get to you. there will be many things to obsess over, but instead spend your time learning! you can bring books and powerpoints with you to clinicals and study. in fact, in the beginning of the program i bought this book, and it has been very useful: “nursing diagnosis handbook” by ackley and ladwig (8th edition), it had saved my behind through many nursing care plans. fifth, don’t have extremely high expectations and demands. again, you will be less stressed if you don’t, and you’ll have a better time. and finally, no matter what they tell you do not get the *******’ tote, especially if you are on a budget! i opened it for the first time a month ago, when i needed gauze to clean my puppy’s ears… i would like to welcome you guys! if you have any questions you are welcome to pm me or stop any us in the hallway… there will probably be a group from our class who you will meet during the orientation, and they will answer any of your questions or concerns.
  3. No, no it did not sound like you were complaining at all! I was thinking the same things you're thinking, I also had to leave a great job to study full time. I am going to miss those people a lot, and it's pretty scary to dive into something unknown... But hey, we'll be in it together, right? Hopefully we will help each other to stay sane and stay on track. Can't wait to meet everyone and start the program!
  4. well, after reading many postings on this site it seems that there are two types of people: the ones who whine and complain about how hard nursing school is and how much time it takes away from them and their family. the second type is the people who say "hey, it's not as hard as they all tell you, it's not a walk in the park but it's doable!" i am setting my mind on being the second type. another good pointer i got on allnurses is to organize your time as much as you can, so you have time set to study and time left for your loved ones. keeping up with your regular exercise routine or picking up a new meditation technique will certainly help with the stress! it is a fast program, we will be done before you know it! and what if... you won't like nursing, it is still worth it to invest in your future and get that diploma. there are so many directions you can take as a nurse, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Super excited! I can't beleive the time had passed so fast, it seems that just yetserday we were happy to receive our acceptance letters! See everyone on Monday. Don't forget to bring in your IDs!
  6. Lena202

    Help!! - I need your advice

    Did you consider Accelerated Programs at all? There is not much math involved and you probably have aalready taken most of the pre-reqs during your first bachelors!
  7. Lena202

    Help!! - I need your advice

    Are you going for your ASN or BSN?
  8. Randi, I am driving also. Yes for the Downstate's garage you have to stay in line on Thursday's mornings and get weekly park tickets on first come-first serve basis. However, there is on more parking lot that is not Downstate's. Their parking rates are $115-$150 a month (depends on what kind of car you have). If you need more info private message me!
  9. Lena202

    Graduation Gift- Which Littman & Why?

    Yep, for example one of Littman's cardiology steths can be used in Pediatrics, the other one can not. So it depends on where you will be working. But I would absolutely go with Littman's cardiology one! And don't forget to engrave your name on the bell!
  10. Lena202

    Share Your Saying

    that's what i have on my e-mails: intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. --albert einstein [color=#ff8080]
  11. :anpom: Yay!!
  12. chaya, keep us posted, i sure hope you get that seat! hope, :grpwlcm: i can't believe there is only a month left before we start... yeah, the uniforms are pretty lame, but from what i've read on this site it's not the worst! if you are taking their offered loan don't forget to sign the promissory note and complete the entrance counseling session on the federal loan's website. did anyone finish the hippa training?
  13. feelin-like-healin, yay! glad to hear it! chaya, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!!! :hngon:hang on!
  14. kieradv, i registered for the total of 4 courses for summer ii. i too assumed that nrbs 341 includes the clinical course. which section did you pick for health assessment for summer i monday’s or friday’s?
  15. Hmm, I am not sure, but I registered for the whole summer. The schedule has all the classes we need, so why not register at once? I am even thinking of registering for the fall as well... :wink2:
  16. wow, and they made such a big deal to me about coming in for that second ppd! i also had it done at my doctor, and it was totally fine. but no, i had to take a day off from work, coming there, paying for parking, then coming back today to get it read, paying for parking again, taking half a day sick at work... ridiculous!