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  1. Graduate2010

    LPN program CLOSED by BON-VA 5/10/11 what to do!

    Ginger Snapp, I'm very sorry to hear your situation. I am a recent graduate of New Horizons LPN. (class of 2010). Throughout school year (2009-2010) the program was in trouble. NCLEX scores have been horrible for years. I passed on the first try. :yeah:But we just didn't know when it would actually happen. The have been on probation for the past 5yrs and VA BON had enough. Try to see if you can finish up in another program...if not I would go for your RN. It's a shame that they continued to take money from students and knew they were about be shut down. It sounds just like them. Don't give up and get your head up. :redpinkhe Stephanie E, LPN
  2. Graduate2010

    Are you applying to the May 2011 RN program at MCI VA BEACH????

    Helllo Everyone! I'm not applying for the May 200 RN program but my friend is. I don't like to be the one who spoils things but I need to let you guys know that MCI do bad business. My friend took the Math in October, Chemistry in December and the computer class in Janurary on the hopes that she would start the Jan. class. She went through the interview during her Chemistry class and was told not to worry she should have no problem getting in. She has B in Math, B in Chem and A in Computer. Well, even though she has the Post 911 G-Bill working in her favor for ontime consistant payments they called her and told her she was not accepted into the Jan class. They told her to try Newport News since they have more slots. She called over there and they told her Va Bch campus has to start the paper work for that transfer. Never happened! Then after she told them how disappointed she was they called and said she is going up for the May 2011 class. She has to sign her contract again (which she has done) and now has to do another drug test for the second time and sit and wait. It's a waiting game and very frustrating. Did I mention, if you don't get accepted you are responsible for paying for all three classes. Yeah....all about the money. You can't get the transcripts if you haven't paid up. Keep that in mind. All and all....I think the program is quick and reputable but the process SUCKS!!!! :eek:I wish you all the best of luck with becoming an RN.:) Stephanie, LPN:nurse:
  3. Graduate2010


    Nervous1--you may want to check out a past post on the VA discussion board. I want to say it posted back in 2008-2009. I had the same problem trying to find it. But it's the only distant learning for LPN-RN they recognize. Hope this helps. Stephanie,LPN Hampton Roads
  4. Graduate2010

    Riverside School of Nursing Jan 2011

    My apologies LunahRN....I will remeberfor the next time. Paige, I'm sorry here about not being able to go to Riverside. Looks like I've changed my mind about it. I need to be on this side of the water (southside). I will spend my time taking prereqs for the LPN-BSN program for NSU. It's more convienient for me. The E/W sounds great and and it's not far from work and where I live. It's economically the better choice. Plus, I work full time days so I needed to something in the evening anyway. Riverside was a evening program for LPN-ADN but the drive would have killed me. I just didn't want to do the after doing it for 18mths for the past 2 years. Good luck with the rest of your prereqs and I wish you must success @ RCC! Stephanie
  5. Graduate2010

    Riverside School of Nursing Jan 2011

    I've talked with her On Monday. But I've placed another call and await a call back. (moderator edit of name) is sweet. which classes didi you clep out of? Math isn't my strong area but I'm doing well so far in MTH. I need to ask her about MTH 103 at TCC. I hope they accept that one and I can just do that either over the summer or in the Fall. Are you in the class now? How is it going? Are you an LPN? sorry so many questions just excited. Thanks for your help. Stephanie:nurse:
  6. Graduate2010

    Riverside School of Nursing Jan 2011

    Thank you twins4paiges! How about the College Math? I placed in developnmental MTH2 at TCC will they accept this as a college math? do I'm tryint to start next July so I need to make sure I have all classes covered. Thanks in advanced! Stephanie
  7. Graduate2010

    Riverside School of Nursing Jan 2011

    I have a question about the chemistry. Will Riverside accept the Health Science Chemistry w/lab equivalent to College chem? I just discovered if you haven't any chemistry background then you have to a take a basice chemistry class as a prereq for college chem. Any info would be much appreciated. thanks, Stephanie,LPN
  8. Graduate2010

    Need advise on a plan to complete pre-reqs

    Thanks Kris! I'm a planner...so I have to have something to go by. Congrats on getting into MCI. My co-worker was not accepted into the Jan. class in VA BCH. So she's going another route. There's always another way to achieve your goal. Good luck to you and thanks for responding. Stephanie:clown:
  9. Hello All! It's Graduate2010---Well...I graduated from LPN school, passed boards in Aug. 2010, started working at a local Rehab/skilled facility, and now back in school taking prereqs. I currently enrolled in the spring semester @ Norfolk TCC taking Eng 111 online- (chesapeake) and MTH 2 online (Forfolk). I really like it so far. My dilemna is now what classes should I take next? Here's my plan so far and you tell me if I need to rearrange it. Also these classes are based on NSU LPN-BSN E/W program. I'm still up in the air but will keep options open. I need a E/W program because I work full time days. I even thought about Riverside but I heard the sciences are very hard @ TCC and I'm not if I would do well. Here is the plan: Currently Spring 2011 Eng 111 MTH 2 Summer 2011 Intro Soc HIS FAll 2011 Develop Psych Bio 101 w/lab Hum (1) Spring 2012 Eng 112 Intro Psych Public Speaking Fall 2012 His Chem w/lab Hum Let me know what you think? Keep in mind I will try to take some of these classes online if can but take the ones I think need to be a classroom face to face. If you are wondering about A/P I and II I have been advised to just take these once I'm accepted to the university.? Thanks in advanced! :nurse:Stephanie E, LPN
  10. Graduate2010

    No LTC jobs??

    NurseNurseHello! I understand somewhat of what you are going through. I am a recent LPN grad and it's difficult trying to find a job. Everyone wants you to have atleast 1yr experience. But I managed to transition from a CNA to LPN at a local Rehab/LTC facility I had been working for over the past year. (I was lucky) But I'm looking for other opportunities. Like you, I have been searching and searching. I would suggest contacting MFA. They have over 10 facilities in the Virginia area. I work for Bayside healthcare in Va Bch. Here's the number 757-464-4058. Ask for Suzann. Have you tried Maxim agency? How about Favorite Nursing? We have several agencies you can do cases for. Another one is Nurse Advantage. They start of at $20.00hr for LPN's and I think $25-30 for RN's. Keep your head and something is bound to open up. Take Care! Stephanie, LPN:heartbeat
  11. Graduate2010

    ECPI BSN Program......you Need 1yr exp. working as RN, right?

    Thank you so much Deborah for answering that question. I will be sure to pass the information on to my co-worker. Stephanie:nurse:
  12. Hello all! I was talking with a friend of mine who's attending MCI's ADN-RN program. She wills start her pre-req's Oct. 5th. When she's done with the ADN program she wants to go to the ECPI BSN program. She told me you don't need to have atleast 1yr experience but just have your RN. Is this true? I thought you needed to have atleast 6mths to 1yr experience before you could apply. Can someone give me the scoop so I can let her know. Thanks in advance! Stephanie E, LPN:nurse:
  13. Hello all! I'm a newly Licensed Practical Nurse. I have a full-time job and a prn LPN position. I'm interested in agency nursing during my off time and need to make money for college tuitions. I have heard pro's and con's of agency. If you are in the Virginia area I would like some advice on agencies that you have dealt with. Any information would be appreciated. If you can please include hourly wages. Thank you Stephanie :)
  14. Graduate2010

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    PVT TRICK WORKED!! I took NCLEX yesterday @ 1245pm computer shut off at 85 questions. Did PVT trick at 945pm and received the good pop-up. Called the VABON @ 0845am and found out I had my LPN license. Hooray!!! I'm a firm believer...it truly works. Thank you ....thank you Stephanie E, LPN
  15. Graduate2010

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    PVT TRICK WORKED!! I took NCLEX yesterday @ 1245pm computer shut off at 85 questions. Did PVT trick at 945pm and received the good pop-up. Called the VABON @ 0845am and found out I had my LPN license. Hooray!!! I'm a firm believer...it truly works. Thank you ....thank you Stephanie E, LPN