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Another vote for Amazon. I usually end up ordering from one of the resellers for additional savings with the same, if not speedier shipping. I'm renting one book this semester for a class that we will never use again (it's a how to think critically book) and splitting the cost with a friend who's taking the class in the second half of the semester.


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Since my schools nursing program requires the same books for the entire length of the program, I knew renting was not an option. For my first semester I need 8 textbooks and then during my third I will need an additional three books. So I joined the Facebook group for my school and purchased ALL 11 books off of a brand new graduate for $200. This saved me at least $900 in textbook costs. Almost all of the books are the same edition with the exception of the diagnostic handbook. I have no problem going on amazon to purchase the new edition if I need to, but in the past I have never had a problem with an "old" edition. Plus, they may be able to give you some advice about the books.:)

So, if you can, contact new graduates and buy their books!!

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I've always either bought or rented through Amazon. Amazon has good rental terms and you can extend the rental if necessary. I've also bought books through Barnes & Noble online. Very rarely do I buy from the campus bookstore...that's usually only if I can't find the book elsewhere or--and this is a rare occurence--they carry the book for less than the other places.


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If I rent my books, I'll rent them from my schools bookstore. I bought one book off amazon and bought the rest at school. I plan on keeping most of my books anyways, for reference.


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Amazon or Half.com!


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I get mine from the bookstore, because the VA pays for it through paperwork filed with them. However, for all of my other courses, I buy (and re-sell) from Half.com, generally.

Our school' date=' PGCC, finally got wise and started to match Amazon and any other retailer and then give 10% off that price. They were hardly selling any books because of the online retailers being much cheaper. I have eBooks. I purchased those directly from the publishers website. After adding the sale discount, I came out cheaper than Amazon. My school doesn't offer eBooks at this time. I checked the publisher websites daily to catch the sales. There were a couple of books that I had to purchase to carry to clinical. I didn't get the eBook version of those because some of the facilities we do clinicals at don't allow you to carry a phone or a tablet. Since you don't really know what facility you're going to from one semester to the next, I opted for the physical books. I supported my school bookstore on those books thanks to that price matching and the extra 10% off. We only have to buy one book for the next semester. The bookstore and Amazon have it for about $108. The eBook on the publisher's website is $71. I just love my eBooks :-)[/quote']

What devise do you use for you're books? I've used book study in the past an it was terrible only available on laptop. I have an iPad.. First semester starts jan I really want to go paperless so ebooks other than the hand carry books seem to interest me... Do you also use a tablet or laptop in class for notes?

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I've buy my textbooks in custom bundles at the school bookstore since I have a scholarship through the school that takes care of them for me. Some of my classmates have bought theirs separately on Amazon and did get a small break on the price. I purchased a number of supplemental books through Amazon last semester, and plan to grab a couple this coming semester too.


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Some of our books are reused throughout the 4 semesters, some aren't. I have bought and rented from Chegg, Amazon, Abebooks, and a discount bookstore in town. I made the mistake of buying from the school's bookstore once during my gen eds- I'll never do it again! Even the "nursing packets" (books and special online access codes) required by certain classes were cheaper on Amazon. I just called the bookstore and got the ISBN's. The bookstore wasn't thrilled about sharing that information, but it saved me several hundred dollars!


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chegg.com is a wonderful place to rent most books


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I get some books from my school's bookstore and some from amazon. Most of the books from the bookstore come in bundles and the store won't give you the isbn's because they "don't know what's inside the bundle" so if I'm able to get the isbn's from another student I will usually buy them from amazon. Usually they are cheaper on amazon but for some reason my OB books were cheaper (new) at the the bookstore compared to amazon (used). I honestly think the bookstore priced them wrong but that's their loss. My program also makes you use the same books throughout the program so you can't resell them after the semester. Each book that I have purchased prior to this semester had a new edition released so my copies will be worthless once it comes time to sell them :/


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I prefer to borrow the books from previous class :) I hate paying for something that I am only gonna use once.

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