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  1. BusywithNursing

    Anne Arundel CC-LPN Program

    I am interested in getting info from graduates of the program as well... esp: about scheduling and clinical times (general info)
  2. BusywithNursing

    Working Night Shift as a Student

    I work 3 12- night shifts (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I have done it since the first day of nursing school. It's hard and I have days that I go on short 20 min. naps. I never work the night before a clinical day. I also make sure that I take off a day and half before an exam. Other than that I have been able to get through each semester. Flipping back and forth. I have motivation for personal reasons to do this. You must eat well, take naps when you can. Know your personal limitations. Show a positive attitude and know that if your semester is 15 weeks...you remind yourself that it's only for 15 weeks. (15 Monday's or 15 Friday's...)
  3. BusywithNursing

    Where do you all get textbooks from

  4. BusywithNursing

    AACC spring 2014 start ( c/o dec 2015)

    Hello out there!!! Anyone else super excited about Jan 22? Have you checked your section numbers yet? Got your books? Sound off....
  5. BusywithNursing

    Full-time job while in Nursing school fears

  6. BusywithNursing

    Going to School & Working 3rd Shift (night shift)

    I work thur, fri sat 7p-7a... Dreading the 24 hr days... But that's all I can do! Starting jan 2014!! Woot woot the next two years are going to be hard and wonderful all at the same time...
  7. BusywithNursing

    Full-time job while in Nursing school fears

    I start this jan as well... My husband is disabled and we survive on my little SALERY alone. (No disability checks here) I have to work full time during nursing school and I'm scared out of my tree! I don't know how I'm going to do it but I just keep reminding myself "I have no choice I HAVE TO DO IT!" Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done... We can do this!! "The bumble by design should not be able to fly... The wings are way too small for its big body... The thing is it does fly... It's able to fly because no one told it it can't." Be a bumble bee and fly!
  8. BusywithNursing

    How old were you when you started nursing school?

    I'm starting nursing school at 36; 38 when I graduate too... Then I'm moving strait to my bsn want to finish before my 40th bday! I feel like I'm going to be the oldest in my class too but with age come more wisdom and responsibility! Just want to be able to find a job at that age.
  9. I agree!! I can't wait to meet our new class!!
  10. This is so true!! Show up!! If you are more than 3 min late you get cut from the list!!
  11. Woohoo!!!
  12. Woot woot!! Kay2020 be ready to start and show up for orientation there are always people who are late and miss getting in the locked door and the wait listed get it...
  13. I just got my acceptance email... My best friend got her letter yesterday!! Woohoo!!!
  14. BusywithNursing

    The waiting period

    Woot woot!!! Congratulations!!! What school??
  15. BusywithNursing

    The waiting period

    Yea!! Great job!! What school?
  16. BusywithNursing

    The waiting period

    The school I applied to had rolling admissions... I put my application in march 5, 2013. Got a letter in may saying fall class is full... Now I'm waiting on spring notice... By aug 31 if I have not gotten accepted then ill be in the running for fall 2014... The wait is killing me! This fall I'm taking classes ill need to transfer for my BSN... The wait is terrible... I check my email everyday... Waiting for that one.., RE: your application or CONGRATULATIONS! Just waiting... Congrats to those of you who have gotten word!