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  1. WoundedBird

    OSU Wexner Staff RN or RN-PCC?

    Not sure how helpful this will be, but the PCC stands for patient care coordinator. Not sure what the difference between RN and RN-PCC is though. I remember my preceptor over at OSU East having patient care coordinator on his ID badge, but I didn't notice anything drastically different in what he did on a post-op ortho floor on nights.
  2. WoundedBird


    Our program requires it for FNP, PNP, and maybe adult primary. We have a great supplier that will be on campus next week with them and perks for buying them in person (on top of the $100 less they are already compared with Amazon and others).
  3. WoundedBird


    I got a great deal directly from the publisher (30% off & free shipping) for a book that's all of 2 weeks old because it wasn't available in time through Amazon or the school bookstore for the start of the semester. Definitely keeping an eye on those sites from now on.
  4. WoundedBird

    Ohio Health and OSU

    Can you elaborate on how OSUs Grad Entry students are 'scary' - is it unsafe scary or mean teacher scary? Maybe the current cohorts (one is finishing pre-licensure and the other has just begun clinicals) are better than previous ones?
  5. WoundedBird


    I saw RNFAs during my observation day in the OR at the Ross. Beyond that, I'm no help, but figured some info is better than none.
  6. WoundedBird

    Elective courses

    I took medical terminology and a phlebotomy course as extra courses outside of pre-reqs. Both have been incredibly helpful as I'm in an accelerated program.
  7. WoundedBird

    Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

    I believe in #16 and #19. #16 is why I'm focusing on the pediatric patient population (hopefully) and #19 because any of my classmates can come and ask me, "is 1+1 still 2?" because some days you need that reassurance and not ridicule.
  8. WoundedBird

    Ohio Health and OSU

    Check campusparc.com for OSU parking prices. Anything with a garage option is going to be expensive and the cheapest option is WCX (Buckeye lot) where you hop on the bus and it takes you the hospital.
  9. WoundedBird

    Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Doinking a baby's head in the upper crib rails as you're lifting them up to calm them down. While mom is standing next to you. What made me feel less bad about this - finding out one of my classmates did the same thing during our peds rotation.
  10. WoundedBird

    BSN Textbooks for NP school?

    Our program uses the grad school version of the patho book. Same author, pictures, and 800/1200 pages. I actually went back to the undergrad version quite a few times last semester bc the grad book seemed to be geared more towards med students with the level of detail it went into.
  11. WoundedBird

    Should I take medical terminology (not req'd)?

    I say go for it. I took it as a way to help bump up my GPA a bit and I've found it helpful for trying to answer test questions that ask what a term means and it's one I didn't study too much. Had to do it on my most recent advanced patho test.
  12. WoundedBird

    Question about albumin level and nutrition

    What's their pre-albumin level? Since PA is unaffected by hydration status and your pt is on a clear liquid diet, this might give you a more accurate picture of their nutritional status.
  13. WoundedBird

    Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted?

    I commuted from Baltimore to DC (it was a miracle if i could make it in less than an hour, even at 3am) for a non-nursing job in college that opened up so many doors, contacts, and experiences for me, so it was definitely worth it.
  14. WoundedBird

    Ebooks? Some, all or none??

    I get physical copies of my real nursing books (assessment, med/surg, patho...) that I know I'm going to use again or refer back to a lot and get e books for classes such as development (already had a development text), cultural competence, and the other non-clinical courses.
  15. WoundedBird

    Head to Toe Physical Assessment

    Appropriate for race maybe?
  16. WoundedBird

    What do you carry your gear to clinicals in?

    I have been using a Vera Bradley messenger bag I've had for a long time but will be switching to a tote from Thirty-one because we have exams in one of our classes after Wednesday clinicals and I need more room for my textbook (1800 pg) and a change of clothes just incase since the messenger only holds my clipboard, notebook (maybe a second one), and my supplies (stethoscope, pen light, pens, scissors, and the leftover tape and alcohol wipes I have). I tried bringing my normal backpack to clinicals, but that was too massive.