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  1. OSU Wexner Staff RN or RN-PCC?

    Not sure how helpful this will be, but the PCC stands for patient care coordinator. Not sure what the difference between RN and RN-PCC is though. I remember my preceptor over at OSU East having patient care coordinator on his ID badge, but I didn't n...
  2. Med Couture... shrinkage?

    Currently, I air dry my scrubs because even low on our apartment supplied dryer is really hot. I might try machine drying when we move in a few months and I get my good dryer back.
  3. Looking for a long lasting watch

    I have a Citizen Eco-Drive - it uses natural light to charge the battery so you don't have to worry about it dying, especially mid-shift. This is the one that I bought as a birthday present: Amazon.com: Citizen Women's FB1350-58A Chronograph Analog D...
  4. Otoscopes

    Our program requires it for FNP, PNP, and maybe adult primary. We have a great supplier that will be on campus next week with them and perks for buying them in person (on top of the $100 less they are already compared with Amazon and others).
  5. Books

    I got a great deal directly from the publisher (30% off & free shipping) for a book that's all of 2 weeks old because it wasn't available in time through Amazon or the school bookstore for the start of the semester. Definitely keeping an eye on t...
  6. Ohio Health and OSU

    Can you elaborate on how OSUs Grad Entry students are 'scary' - is it unsafe scary or mean teacher scary? Maybe the current cohorts (one is finishing pre-licensure and the other has just begun clinicals) are better than previous ones?
  7. RNFA

    I saw RNFAs during my observation day in the OR at the Ross. Beyond that, I'm no help, but figured some info is better than none.
  8. Elective courses

    I took medical terminology and a phlebotomy course as extra courses outside of pre-reqs. Both have been incredibly helpful as I'm in an accelerated program.
  9. Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

    I believe in #16 and #19. #16 is why I'm focusing on the pediatric patient population (hopefully) and #19 because any of my classmates can come and ask me, "is 1+1 still 2?" because some days you need that reassurance and not ridicule.
  10. Ohio Health and OSU

    Check campusparc.com for OSU parking prices. Anything with a garage option is going to be expensive and the cheapest option is WCX (Buckeye lot) where you hop on the bus and it takes you the hospital.
  11. Undergrad books used in grad school?

    For me, having the undergrad version of my Pathophys book was helpful for topics I struggled with. I also got lucky and had the same authors (Huether and McCance) for both books. Lots of overlap, but glad I had the undergrad version.
  12. Case study: emergent penis ring removal

    This is bringing me back to a conversation I had with the guys that run a well respected piercing shop about having in-services for nurses and docs to learn how to remove body jewelry appropriately. Now the hamster in my mind has awaken (at 1am nonet...
  13. Postpartum Hemorrhage tool kit

    I just began my OB rotation and during our floor orientation the PPH cart was pointed out to us. It was just that - a cart in the hallway. We haven't delved into post partum yet, but once I learn what's inside I'll pass it on.
  14. I would call DORA directly. There is contact info on their site - not sure exactly where for nursing, but remember getting it for another health profession. This way you are getting your info directly from the source.
  15. Examples of ethical dilemmas in pediatric nursing?

    I had similar assignments earlier this semester and was allowed to use ethical dilemmas I was faced with outside of nursing and just had to connect it back either from the way I handled the situation or what I learned from it.