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Half.com is the most inexpensive option I have found thus far.


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I buy it off of Amazon. They have super fast delivery. I buy them new. So I can highlight on my own. I sell them to Bookholders (and if they sell them to low I get them back (before it gets sold) and just hold onto them and will probably sell them on amazon once I'm done in school in a few years).

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Good day:

I'm going to be trying Amazon.com for renting a book (I should have it early next week); their rental price is more than 50% off the rental price of the campus book store. So that helps a lot. Though as a rental, I'm not going to be highlighting in it.

Thank you.


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Amazon!!! Buy them, so you can sell them after and make some money back. Best time to look is at the end of the semester when everyone is selling theirs :)

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Half.com. I resell them when I'm done and practically break even, except for a few books that came out with newer editions while I was in nursing school. My edition of Iggy is now worth $5. :grumpy: I would actually lose money to ship it out! I wish I had sold it sooner, I didn't even open it during my last year of school.

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Good day:

Do you have any tips on selling books (should I start a new thread)?

Thank you.


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I buy my books brand new (or like new without handwritten notes and/or highlights) from eBay and/or Amazon. I don't like going to the campus bookstore because you'd spend an arm and a leg just to get your books. I don't rent any books in case I want to keep them for future reference.


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Contact [email protected] I bought the 4books (Taylor and Llyns book) for only $50. So glad i found their account on instagram(textbookspdf_seller). It is a E-book, a Pdf format so it is printable. I plan to print important pages on the campus. I recommend you all to contact them asap if you still dont have the books and want a portable one.

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