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On July 29 my 53 year old mother was dx with stage IA uterine cancer. She has surgery on Aug 2 at Mayo and they removed her cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and appenix x 2. She was released after 5 days. She spent several days doped up on Darvocet and my dad finally decided that I could take that away from her. She had all adverse rxs including hallucinations and confusion. Well, she went back to Mayo yesterday after c/o different abd pain, refusing to eat or drink and very weak. She was admitted for dehydration, poor nutrion and partial abd. blockage. Of course they gave her some pain med and ativan and she again began hallucinating and become very disoriented. Of course her admitting condition could be aggrevating this, but she has always been very sensitive to pain meds. She is being taken into surgery as I type because after more testing they figured out she is collecting fluid in her abd. but don't know where it is coming from.

She has PKD (polycytic kidney disease) and her creatine has been running around 1.9-2.1 the last year and hasn't changed much for several years. This has contributed to HTN, but otherwise she has been in good health. With the PKD it's a wait and see type of disease. You can only control s/sx like the HTN to prevent further damage. When things exaccerbate you face dialysis or a transplant.

Okay, other than just needing to let this out, What more can she possibly end up happening?? I had a dream about her several years ago needing an unknown surgery and ending up with a colostomy and on hospice. I know this was just a dream, but I have had them come true before and it seems like I'm living in a big bubble.

Thanks for letting me vent......Lisa


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I'm sooo very sorry to hear about your MOM, and can understand what you're going thru...:o But take heart....please...and just deal with today...and try not to worry about tomorow. Yes I realize that it is easier said then done. But sometimes we get overwhelmed by things haven't happened yet...and it just makes our burdens heavier!

Not knowing...is very scary....and I understand the thing about dreams...as I have them....and they tend to come true also. But some even when they do...sometimes they come true in a differenct way then the way I dreamed.

But I think you probably know that already...and just needed to voice your fears. I will pray for your mom...as I know how precious she is to you and your dad..cool:. Take time for yourself during this trial, and make sure you take good care of you...so you can be there for her...:cool:


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Try to have positive energy thoughts.


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Thanks Brownie for your logical words and thoughts. I am feeling calmer right now. Venting while screaming or writing always improves my disposition. I think I've just reached my stress limit for the moment.....I need some sleep and exercise.

Other life has been really busy, not bad though the last 3 weeks. I started a new job the day she got her dx and have already missed a day of work for her 1st surgery and really can't jeopardize missing more yet. My dad is trying to run his law office and keep up with her, but she is 2 hours away and he's got court in the AM and afternoon and is trying to keep money rolling in and such, stressed because he can't be there constantly. Throw in my 5 kids and my brothers wedding in there and you get the picture. But, my fiance and ex husband have been great with helping me when I need to get away, work has been going so well I can't believe it. In the end she will be fine. I'll disregard that dream.

I think I will go say a prayer and try to get some sleep......Thanks again!!

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((((((((Lisamarie))))))))))) I will keep you in prayer, and your mother and father, too. Lord, give her rest this night that is peaceful so that when she awakes in the morning, she will feel very rested. Calm her fears, Lord. Be with her mom and dad, especially her mom and the medical and nursing staff caring for her right now...that they will do no more and no less than Thy Perfect Will already has in store for her for we know that through You, all things are possible. Amen! Amen! Amen! :kiss :)


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((((((Lisa, MOM, family))))))

My prayers are with you; I pray that the Lord will be an everpresent source of strength and hope to you at this time. Amen.


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((((((((((((((lisa)))))))))))))) what HUGE burden you carry. I am so sorry. My positive thoughts and prayers are with you here and in the future. Please update us on yours and your mom's situation! WE DO CARE!


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We're here for you. :) Please keep us updated on your mom's condition.



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lisa, i will keep your mom in my prayers. (((((lisa))))).


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Prayers for Mom and your family.


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Prayers are sent for you and your mom and family. I have been through this with my mom, she passed away three years ago, and do know what you are going through. Mom's are special people. They are the ones that love us no matter what we do. I will keep you on my prayer list. Please keep us updated.


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You're so very welcome Lisa..:)! I see you and your Dad have a full plate! But you have to right idea about rest, and execise. It's strange how a little sleep...and some exercise can change your outlook. Take care...and you can see everyone cares about how YOU, your MOM, and your DAD are doing...so come and vent anytime. We're always here...just a post away. As you're definitely on our hearts, and in our prayers:cool:

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