When to do Pearson VUE Trick?

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So I just took my NCLEX today at 12pm and finished around 1pm. I got the standard email saying “Now that’s you’ve taken NCLEX” about an hour later. I was wondering when I can do the Pearson VUE trick? Also can someone please explain how to the trick? Thank you in advance!


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Everyone does agree to wait until you get that email. Now that you have it.. you go back to your person vue account and register for another NCLEX.. you will have to enter all your credit card information and go all the way to the end where you hit submit to pay the 200$.

The "trick" is if you passed then it will not allow you to pay for another exam and tell you that you already have an open registration and another cannot be made at this time.

If you are actually charged the 200$ or get an invalid credit card information or expired card message then this is the indication that you will need to take the NCLEX again.

Best of luck.



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Thank you so much! So I just did the trick but I put in the wrong credit card information (just in case it actually charged me) and I got the error message saying “another registration cannot be made at this time” So does this mean I most likely passed? Does it matter that I put in the wrong credit information?


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I would say u passed! It won't feel real though until u see the words!!? it should ease the anxiety a bit though.

"The trick" is purely anecdotal stories of it working. The error you get is just based on a flag in a database that can be based on any number of different things.

But regardless, if you passed, you can't do anything until you get your license. If you failed, you can't retest for about a month. Stop worrying so much about the results. You can't change them at this point. Just relax and wait until you get your official results.


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I would wait until the email that NCSBN send you that you took the NCLEX and should wait 48 hrs for the official results. Good luck!