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    I’m starting at MH with day shift $29.10 and night shift has a $4 differential pay
  2. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    What units did they hire if you don’t mind me asking? And did you apply for the “clinical nurse residency” position or just a normal “clinical nurse” position? And did you happen to have connections to get a position at MDA? My application before COV...
  3. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Does anyone know when MDA will start opening up their residency program?
  4. Houston Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Does anyone know where I can apply for any infusion centers or home health other than Angels of Care that train new graduate/licensed nurses?
  5. UTMB Galveston Spring 2021

    I would definitely go through Utmb again. The nursing program is difficult but they really build you up to prepare yourself for NCLEX that’s why we have a 99% pass rate. The professors are welcoming and care about students mental health and from what...
  6. When to do Pearson VUE Trick?

    I would wait until the email that NCSBN send you that you took the NCLEX and should wait 48 hrs for the official results. Good luck!
  7. CONGRATS!! Welcome to the RN world!
  8. Passed my NCLEX in 62 questions - Encouragement!

    CONGRATS! Welcome to the RN world! ?
  9. Passed NCLEX at 60 in this time of Covid!

    CONGRATS! Welcome to the RN World!

    CONGRATS! Welcome to the RN world! ?
  11. I passed my NCLEX! Advice and encouragement.

    CONGRATS!! Welcome to the RN world!
  12. NCLEX Study Books

    My school used ATI for helping us prepare for NCLEX. But I swear by UWorld and Mark Klimek Lectures that you can find online! I also had the prioritization, delegation LaCharity book as well as Saunders, but I believe UWorld and Mark Klimek is all yo...
  13. Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    CONGRATS! I heard alot of people on reddit as well that got a bad pop up at 60 questions but still passed. I'm glad this is true for you as well!
  14. How bad will it get in the fall/Winter time?

    That's really sad to hear. I will start my new grad residency this fall too and was hoping COVID will be better..
  15. Enter an asn program in fall 2021 or a BSN program in Spring 2022?

    So it depends upon your situation and vision in nursing later down the road. I know most hospitals only hire BSN and won't even look at ADN unless they sign a contract saying they will take classes while working to achieve their BSN. And I went to go...