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  1. NCLEX 2020 results check stopped at 130 questions

  2. NCLEX Results

    Congratulations! Its the best feeling!!
  3. NCLEX Results

    There is a very good chance u passed. Fingers crossed for u!
  4. Took my NCLEX today got an email that my temporary license is expired

    Maybe it was an email that automatically generates to graduates who have temp licenses and has nothing to do with your results. Try and stay positive!❤❤❤
  5. When to do Pearson VUE Trick?

    I would say u passed! It won't feel real though until u see the words!!😊 it should ease the anxiety a bit though.
  6. Passed NCLEX at 60 in this time of Covid!

  7. Passed NCLEX at 60 in this time of Covid!

    WOW! talk about a quick turnaround! Took my state 2 weeks to issue! Congratulations!!
  8. NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    Is it saying 'invalid card info' or is it saying 'almost there' sometimes people don't click submit a second time and think they got a bad pop up. But to answer your question, yes u can get the bad pop up and pass:) sending u positive thoughts!!
  9. Just took the NCLEX, what are the odds I passed in 60?

    CONGRATS!!🎉🎉🎉 they will forgive u😂😂
  10. Just took the NCLEX, what are the odds I passed in 60?

    I am sure u did great, u followed your gut on the questions and u were probably correct. Your study technique was great, u would've had to of done really poor to fail at 60, given your study scores u know your stuff. U can try the PVT, some people do...
  11. PVT changes

    Yay!!! Congratulations, RN!🎉🎉🎉🎉
  12. NCLEX results on the weekend?? PVT accuracy?

    CONGRATS, RN🎉🎉🎉🎉😊 Its the best feeling!
  13. PVT changes

    Yep😂😂 I was freaking so I knew exactly what page u were on! Looking forward to hearing ! Have a great STRESS FREE day😊😊😊
  14. PVT changes

    Im so glad! CONGRATS! 🎉🎉🎉 I actually did the same thing like the 3rd time I tried it and started freaking out😂😂 I think alot of people do that and assume its the bad pop up, were just so stressed!!
  15. PVT changes

    In the first photo where it says 'almost there' u should be able to hit submit again and the pop up will appear.