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What's your mindset,...?

by Katie5 Katie5 (Member)

This is not for a PHI, but more about understanding other people's reasoning. Why do you think the way you do? Do you have a background reason or you're just the random thinker.

Say for instance, you get to work today. What's your genuine thought?Is it, "oh I'm going to do the best I can today" or "I'm going to sit around and gossip".. or just plain zilch.."I'll go where the wind blows me".?

Mine is I'll go in to work and do better today, what I did yesterday. Not to be judgmental, (its going to be anyways) but my co-worker's is today I'm going to smoke more packs of cigarette than I did yesterday. No lie.

What's yours?

Up2nogood RN, RN

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So is this really just a vent about lazy coworkers ?

So is this really just a vent about lazy coworkers ?

No. This is about being open-minded and understanding that other people reason the way they do because they do. And that I do because I do. Please just read the post as is, without any underlying connotations.

If it were a vent thread, i'd label it for what it is. Trust me, this is not:)

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that i might be a light for someone today. that i might help just one person. that i might be upbeat and optimistic...........and then there are those days where all of that goes to heck !! :smokin:

praiser :redbeathe

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When I go to work I have the mindset of treating the pt as if they were my family. Doesn't mean I have to like them but I treat them with respect and benefit of the doubt. I could care less what my coworkers motives are as I'm only with them a small percentage of my life and I'm pretty easy going and just go with the flow. As long as they do theirs and I do mine we're good.

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Honestly, it depends on the day. If I have been there on the floor as charge nurse for two days and I know we have a lot of high acuity patients and I know which nurses will be there with me my 3rd day (meaning they are not as autonomous as some of the others) I dread going in.

My day depends on the strength of the staff plus other factors. What secretary will be there, which monitor tech will I be working with, what techs are assigned to which side, who is the house supervisor for the day, what day of the week is it, is the surgery schedule full, lots of transfers coming out of ICU, etc... it all plays into the equation.

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As the OP stated it depends on the day and who I am working with. Somedays I go in thinking that I am going to have a great day and ignore the people around me that are trying thier best to make my day bad. Other days I am just praying that I can get through the day and that I make a positive difference in someone's life. And still others I just want to get throught the day without any major incedents and go home to be with the people that I truely want to be with.

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Most days, I go to work with the mindset that I am going to try to accomplish a few good things -- and keep the mental pain and anguish at a minimum. I just want to do a decent job and not suffer much.


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I think, that I will speak to everyone I encounter with dignity and respect, make their day more comfortable, less painful, or easier in what ever way I can. This includes, patients, their family, co-workers, and anyone else I come in contact with. Some days this becomes difficult, to day the least, but I try my best!

I always say a prayer and ask for help in doing a good job. My mindset is to go in and learn something new, improve on yesterday and treat each patient as family.

Yes, in every job there are those whose sole pupose is to see how they can get through the day, doing the least they can. Some of them are actually good justifying their laziness. ;)


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To fulfill my job description and clock out. If I help somebody, it's a bonus. & most days I do. But either way, once I leave the parking lot my job and pts are a distant memory to me.

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I hope I get a good assignment.

The biggest variable in what kind of day you have is the patients you are assigned. We all have our favorite types of patients.

I psych myself up the day before going into work. Yes, it is that bad there but I am stubborn like that and need the experience *sigh*

I tell myself that I will make my residents day by being pleasant to each one of them. I am determined to bring some joy into their lives by being kind or by my smile. I always get a good reaction out of them...even the "grumpy" ones.

I tell myself that I am lucky that I only spend 8 hours of my day there. When my shift is up, I get to go home. I am free to leave (usually). Work and my coworkers do not define who I am.

I try to be positive and not let my coworkers bad attitudes get to me by reminding myself that how a person acts is because that person has issues that have nothing to do with me.

Sheesh, I hope this made sense. I suck lately at articulating my feelings.


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I walk in praying I don't have to talk an un-realsitic family into a DNR, not have to prep a 101 year old for a trach and peg. ... pray that I get through to the 30 year old crack addict that his 6th MI is his last and we can help, the frequent flyer non compliant diabetic in DKA that is 20... that I can make him see, he'll die a horrible death if he doesn't change..... the trauma that comes in... I pray I can stabalize you. The shooting victim or GI bleed, that I can transfurse quickly enough.....

and the multi-system failure, I hope I can talk you're family into a death with dignity instead of a full code.

I start each shift praying I can either give my patient a comfortable death with dignity, or pray I can make it through to the next RN can take up the fight, and make a difference. It's all I can do.

Made sense with your post. We just have to keep reminding ourselves not to react to others' attitudes.