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What's the best way to pay your bills and go to school full time???

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Marry rich. But we all know that if you marry for money, you'll earn it one way or another.

I'm in a similar situation, except I don't have any undergraduate loans. I purposely applied to state schools whose tuition and fees for the ABSN/2nd BSN are 20k total (not including living, of course). I didn't realize how bad the aid for 2nd bachelor's programs were! :( I assumed it would be considered like a Master's but noooo. lol. I tried my hardest to move out but I realized I'd need to take out a private loan in addition to working part time to be able to pay for school. My parents offered to let me stay with them and I initially denied...vehemently...but after crunching the numbers and realizing that I needed to get over myself for just a couple more years, I realized that it would be the smartest thing for me to do. So that will probably be my plan. I'll pay them something each month but it wouldn't be like renting my own place. So like others have said...if it's even a possible option, I'd look into it, esp for just 1.5-2 yrs. I have some savings as well from working which will be a big help.

I'd also apply to the least expensive schools...I know the ABSN is super fast but if you can get a BSN for cheaper for just an extra semester or 2...it may not be a bad idea. But if that is the cheapest option because it's shorter, then go for it. I was told to apply for externship/tech positions as a student nurse, and that would give me some extra cash while getting my foot into the job world.

I am also seeing that nursing schools (as opposed to programs) have more funds for grants and scholarships. See if your state legislators have scholarship programs...I have gotten abt 2-3k from them /year for my first degree and plan on doing so again this time around. HRSA is good if you can qualify financially (EFC 0-5500). See if your state has any loan repayment programs as well.

I just don't want it to be like...you're working so much just to make it through school bu not have enough time to devote to studies. It'll take time mgmt though--some people go to school full time and work full time and even have families. Good Luck...many of us are all in the same boat it seems :)