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  1. Lol @ Buckybadger!!!
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. So, basically, I need to just wait and pay down majority, if not all, of my debt first before jumping into another program. Not what I really wanted to hear BUT I kinda knew it would be the situation. If I wasn't knocking on 30 in 4 years, this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me, but I know that I'm getting older and for me, time is of essence. And at 26, I don't prefer to move back in with my parents ; I am trying to remain as independent as possible--mainly for my own ego. Lol.
  3. Hello all, I plan to apply to an accelerated ABSN program within the next couple of years. As I was in the middle of writing down my goals, it turns out that even though I plan to have my other debts paid off completely in 1-2 years (with the exception of car note and school loans from my undergrad), I still would not earn enough to cover expenses while in school...even if I chose to work full time as a CNA (which I understand would be crazy to do). I'm thinking that I may have to take out a $35k+ loan, give or take, to last 12-18 months while I'm in an ABSN program to cover my expenses. In addition, I was seriously thinking about working part time to have a buffer for small unexpected costs. I'd REALLY rather not do this if at all possible, but if I have to then I will. I'm not married, no children, and I'm only supporting myself...which is kind of a relief lol. But I'm curious to know how any current nursing students (preferably ABSN) are managing their expenses while being in school full time AND while maintaining a good GPA??? I'm trying to develop a plan before jumping into a situation without considering other options and/or ways to do this strategically. Thanks for reading! All suggestions welcomed J A little about me: 26 years old. I already have a B.S degree but I'm trying to make a career change. Currently working full time as a lab technician and I got my CNA certification in Dec 2014. Currently looking for a second full time job to work as a CNA (no luck yet, but I'm still pushing.)
  4. jlamar11

    Wants to shadow a CRNA

    Hello All, I've recently completed a CNA program and got certified in Pennsylvania. Right now, I'm working full time as a technician at a biotech company and actively seeking a full time/part time night job as a CNA. I thought this would be a good first step since I'm starting fresh in the healthcare/medical arena. Right now, I'm considering going into an ABSN program in the near future and would ultimately like to become a CRNA (second option for me is NP). For those who are current CRNAs, in CRNA school, or aspiring to get accepted into CRNA school, may I get some advice on how I can shadow a CRNA? From previous posts, I've read from others that it would be a good idea to do this before striving to go into this profession full throttle. The only thing is, I don't know where to begin. Should I call every hospital in my city? Look up CRNA profiles (if that's even possible) and try to get email address? What's the best way to go about this? Lol...I feel so silly asking this, but thanks in advance for all your advice! Jacqueline
  5. Hello all, Previously I posted a thread on me being torn between laboratory research and going into nursing. So, I've decided to go into nursing :-) I already have a B.S degree in biochemistry (2011) but would need to take 2-3 pre-reqs at a local community college (mainly psychology and A&P). To the point, I currently live in Philadelphia and found at least 5 schools that offer accelerated BSN programs: Drexel University-11 mos. (heard horror stories about this one), Holy Family-14 mos, Villanova University (I heard that the ABSN program here was good, but REALLY expensive)-12 mos, and West Chester University (I think this is in NJ?)-18 mos. If there's anybody that has matriculated through the ABSN program at any of the schools that I listed, your feed back will be greatly appreciated! I will equally consider all five as long as I get into one lol. Also, is there anyone here that was offered scholarships to nursing school? Particularly through an ABSN program? I know that I'll have to take out some loans, but any opportunity to offset some of the cost of schooling I will gladly take. Thanks in advance! J Oh! And I forgot to mention that I'll be entering the nursing "arena" starting out as a CNA (with my first job still being at the biotech company). Hopefully the experience will be a valuable baby step for me.
  6. Thanks for the link! Very helpful :-)
  7. Thanks for the link! Very helpful :-)
  8. Thanks for the responses! As you could probably guess I know very little about working in the healthcare arena. I thought I might give it a try and see where it takes me. From what I've heard from others, nursing is a very hard but promising career with plenty of growth opportunities (which is what I'm looking for). I'm a very empathetic and compassionate person by nature so I'm hoping those characteristics, along with having a love for science (mainly biology) will make this a good career choice. Meanwhile, I'll continue to do more homework :-)
  9. Hello all, I know this is a weird question, but I'm wondering if there's a nursing career path that I could take that will allow me to also utilize my lab/bench science skills?? The closest thing that I could think of is becoming a Research Nurse, but I'm not sure if I'll still be able to analyze and study tissues, cells, viruses or other things. I have a B.S in biochemistry and currently working at a biologics company as a cell biology technician. I'm also getting ready to start training later this month in order to become a CNA, just to see if the nursing arena will be a good fit for me. However, I also love working in the lab. In case I fall in love with nursing, my plan is to go through an accelerated program at a nursing school that someone gave me info on. But before I make that commitment, I also want to see if there's a path for me to practice hands on science with clinical care without having to get an MD/PHD. Thanks in advance!! Jacqueline