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  1. FutureNP2U

    Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

    I absolutely LOVE your posts and look forward to the following chapters! I am a career transitioner lol! I am currently finishing up my prereq's and will start by BSN program this May AND.... will start my new Nurse Assistant (med-surg) position on Feb 2nd, whew!!!! I am so excited, at first the end goal was WHNP, but after reading articles on this site and just me giving it some more thought- I am striving for the FNP. Although my passion is Women's Health, I also think that I may like Ped's also, but not sure- I will wait until clinicals and see if I still feel the same.
  2. FutureNP2U

    UB ABS 2015

    Thank you scanders77! Congratulations on finishing this semester, one more to go for you!
  3. FutureNP2U

    UB ABS 2015

    I also signed up for Patho at ECC North, the thursday class starting at 8 am. I will be taking 3/4 classes for Spring semester depending on acceptance (I already have been accepted to Niagara's program), UB did inform me that my Micro partially transferred over and that I will also need to take Micro Lab. I also will be taking Pharm (at Cayuga) and G&D.
  4. FutureNP2U

    UB ABS 2015

    Hello, as soon as I saw your post I decided to sign up/in! I have been watching this forum for a while w/o actually becoming a member of the site. I applied to UB's ABS 2015 (very nervous, and I hope to get in) also, and I have a few questions: 1. When does the program start? Beginning, mid, or end of May? 2. What comes next after acceptance letter? 3. How many people are in your class? How is the class/cohort amostphere? 4. To work or not to work? If so, part-time or per diem? 5. What is your recommendation on purchasing books? 6. How is the program overall? 7. When can you apply for UB's graduate program(s), ex. NP program? 8. What is the class & clinical schedule like? What is a typical day like? I know it's a lot of questions, but thank you in advance!