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Msmedic68w has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in psychiatric, corrections.

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  1. Most places let you off for 2-3 days and then require a doctors note. If you need more days then you need to use FMLA or your PTO or sick leave. If she's this unreliable then somebody needs to talk to her, if it continues then she should be fired or ...
  2. Stanbridge or West Coast University

    I don't know why anyone would ever attend West Coast University, the cost is ridiculous. If I ever spent that kind of money then I better be a medical doctor by the end of it. I'm not sure what your financial situation is but if you want to get a mas...
  3. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep If...

    If you wake up from your nap and start freaking out because you think you missed the school bus only to remember it's Sunday and you're 34.... No, just me? Cool....
  4. Disrespect & Profanity

    Imprudent? What year is it?! Here ye, here ye, dost thou profane tongue offend thee? I beesech you!? Anyways, I cuss at work. But then again, I know my audience. I wouldn't just swear in front of anybody. I have a co-worker who hates cursin...
  5. What's your most ridiculous supply shortage?

    Soap for the patient's to wash with. Pillows, blankets. But yeah, that's psych for ya.
  6. What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    Sleeping with the patient.....
  7. New Job Less than 3 months Before Giving Birth?

    I switched jobs when I was 5 months pregnant. I was in a really acute psych hospital and it wasn't safe. It is NOT ideal. You need to be at a job for a year to get FMLA if you don't have sick time, which you won't. My job was nice enough to let me ta...
  8. American Military University RN-BSN?

    I did my associates there, it's an easy school. I can't imagine the BSN would be hard either. My husband is currently getting his BA from there, no issues.
  9. Patient Abandonment

    I don't think so, she told you to leave and you did. I won't be threatened or harassed and neither should you, she can't yell and curse at you. You felt unsafe and she told you to beat it, that's on her. Deuces ✌️
  10. CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    Ahhh yes, I remember those days. I was a CNA a long time ago. But know this, this isn't just a problem for CNA's this is an issue for other nurses. I am on nightshift and the dayshift is useless, well...some of them are. Just lazy and unmotivated and...
  11. Rocky Mountain University

    I forgot to mention I briefly spoke to a girl who went for PMHNP but she had a bad experience and is pursuing litigation. I don't know why though.
  12. Rocky Mountain University

    Yeah, their PA program is really good too. This school has only been around since 1998 and I have no idea how old the actual PMHNP is. I start in Summer.
  13. Rocky Mountain University

    I don't have any, I am starting in Summer. I have to pay the $250 then I guess I just sit around and wait for class to start. The director lady I interviewed stated that there isn't hardly group work which is nice, it will mostly be forums, unless yo...
  14. Rocky Mountain University

    There are only a couple posts on this school on here. But I applied to the post-PMHNP program and was accepted. I have read good things online, but am wondering if anybody else has gone to this school? Or know someone who has?
  15. Do you get annoyed when people ask you about your job outside of work?

    It wouldn't matter what you did for a living. Asking people about their jobs is what people do to make light conversation and pleasantry. I think you're being way too sensitive about this and putting too much thought into it. Do you not ask people ab...