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I wore Dankos for a while and starting having ankle issues - felt like all my cartilage was gone! Switched to Alegria's and they are terrific...saving for a second pair!

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Dankos, hands down!!!!

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I have arthritis in my great toes. So far the only shoes that make my feet smile are Sketchers shape ups, I use the non skid 'work' style. The soles on these shoes are very stiff so my aching piggys don't get flexed very much. Besides that pain saving trait, the shoes are very comfy and the soles have a great deal of 'give' and are like walking on a cloud. They seem to last quite well, maybe about 9 months to a year on a pair.


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Danskos, hands down!

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Ok, question for the Dansko people. I am currently breaking in some Danskos. They fit fine, no rub spots and I'm getting used to the baggy, heavy shoe (although I did have some difficulty in sprinting up the stairs to a code last night...my doc beat me by an entire flight). I am trying to graduate from Crocs because I know that I need something good for career longevity and foot/knee/back health. I've been a nurse for 6 years, nights, in an ICU. My feet hate shoes so I've never been able to wear regular shoes (it's warm where I lives so I'm usually barefoot or in flip flops).

Anyway, back to the Danskos. I've worn them for 8 shifts now and made it all the way through the last three shifts. What I am having trouble with is how hard they are. I keep hearing that it takes a while to break in but what are they supposed to feel like when they do? When I did change shoes on other shifts it was around the 0100 time (halfway point) and it was due to the Danskos just being so hard on the soles of my feet and I just needed some relief. But again, everyone that swears by them claim they feel so comfortable. I do have 30 days to return them (Walking Company) so I'm trying to really wear them as much as I can to see if they are keepers or return them. I did try Danskos once in the past but could never get past 4 hours in them. When someone saw me wearing them they pointed out that they were supposed to be bigger in the back and once that was pointed out I realized that the arch hit in the wrong spot, etc. The size I have now are bigger and again, seem to be a good fit.

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I have three pairs of work shoes I rotate through which help with different problems. I wear my Danskos for my 12 hours shifts because they completely eliminate the knee and back pain I get from standing/walking for 12 hours. The downside is that they are tall and I can roll and ankle if I'm not in perfect alignment when I'm walking. They also pinch across the widest part of my foot during the drive home -- the point in time when my feet start to swell after all that abuse. Also, I've only had them for about 4 months and I've already completely smashed the insole in the ball of the foot, so I sometimes get pain there. I think some gel inserts would solve that problem. Danskos also suck for running to a code or to the omnicell during a code. Don't run in Danskos. Just don't.

I also have a pair of Nike Reax which I wear when I feel like my ankles and the balls of my feet need a break from the Danskos. Also when I get the "tingle" that the assignment I'm working that night tends to be in a code-prone pod. Despite the squishy heels I still get heel pain, and my knees start to complain after standing up for a while (not walking, just standing).

Finally, I have a pair of solid black crocs for those days I have the need to really rest my feet from stress and hot-spots. Unfortunately despite being fluid-proof they really don't help when EMS runs over your foot with a stretcher or protect your arches from the pounding them may take running around a busy ED.

I really need to take the advice of a previous poster and see a podiatrist. Until I can get my insurance situation hammered out however, I will keep rotating between these three to try and keep my feet happy (and also demanding foot rubs from the partner).


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You might want to go to a New Balance store and have them fit you. I have New Balance walking shoes with an insole. I also have flat feet & bunions. They are super ugly, but super comfortable. Mine are leather, and I wipe them down and spray the soles with bleach water. No worse for wear. When they got scuffed, I took a black sharpie to them.

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Danskos are THE best...ankle rolling occurs because these shoes are trying to correct how you walk entirely...my ankles don't roll anymore, because I corrected by walk, and have less foot and back pain, and my posture have improved. I do "roll" once in a while, but RARELY. And I can run/sprint in them to emergencies, for the bus, and the train without a "roll". I do agree with if you're flat footed, you will still need inserts, if you really want them. As for sneakers when I am in a sneaker mood, Nike Shox and Saucony...I had to retire New Balances...my feet all the way to my hips were killing me. And I like New Balances :(

Regardless of the decision you make, make sure you go to a podiatrist or to the Walking Company to evaluate your feet and select the best shoes OR products you may need for your feet...some shoes will never be satisfactory for your foot and you gotta make the accommodations.

If you are looking for reasonably priced Danskos, eBay does have new Danskos priced as low as 45 dollars. My first pair was through eBay for 45 dollars. I have purchased as high as 130 because of the demand and there was a bidding war, but I won, hehe...eBay pro since 2004!! ?

Either way, they are worth the investment...The walking company is my new favorite store for shoes...especially Danskos! ?


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I just ordered dansko narrow but am not sure if they are tooooo narrow because the normal ones look too wide from the pictures . Am 6 and half hope the narrow is fine :(

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I just ordered dansko narrow but am not sure if they are tooooo narrow because the normal ones look too wide from the pictures . Am 6 and half hope the narrow is fine :(

The best thing to do is go into a place like walking company and get your feet evaluated to determine whether you need a narrow Dansko going forward. When you get them, you will know

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This is one of those things that people will disagree on. But for me Danskos or any running shoes have always worked.

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I have a high arch to my foot and it puts a lot of pressure on my knees/back. I had Sketchers in nursing school and I would come home practically crying from the knee/back pain. Also had this issue when waiting tables in college. My nursing job now requires us to wear street clothes and very casual at that. I am on the go a lot but not to the same extent a floor nurse is. I am going to be starting at a free standing psych hospital in a few weeks and we wear scrubs. I am going to need some shoes. I have some Asics Gel Neo 33s that I run in and LOVE, but I am going to save those for actual running. Any suggestions?

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