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WoosahRN has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in PICU.

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  1. WoosahRN

    Seattle Children's Hospital / Living in Seattle

    I found people very welcoming. The biggest culture I noticed is people are less direct and more passive aggressive. Once I realized it I could figure out who was from WA and who was a transplant pretty quickly. Most people don't live in Seattle beca...
  2. WoosahRN

    Emergency Calls- How long do we wait?

    OP, your gut instinct was right. Just call 911. I will share my horror stories. I'm in PICU. 100% of the kids I've had come in that were "found down" asthmatics did not survive. Once that airway shuts its hard to get them back in the field. All of t...
  3. WoosahRN

    PICU to Adult ICU

    I've been an RN for 10 years, all in Peds and the last 9 years in PICU. I love PICU. I'm good at it. I've worked really hard to gain the skills and knowledge I have. I've considered over the years maybe trying adults just to be more well rounded and ...
  4. We look up compatibilities all the time. If our resources don't pull up information (not tested) we talk to pharmacy to get their input and check for additional resources. I've never thought of incompatibilities as killing a patient but I've lost li...
  5. I usually clock out between 0730 and 0745 just depending on how long report took or patient needs/changes (day shift comes on at 0700). If people are regularly needing to stay late (especially an hour after!) to chart, there's something wrong with t...
  6. WoosahRN

    Slow nursing jobs? So I can go back to school.

    Sigh. Or people could just offer their advice versus just coming here to respond with snark. Home care jobs. I worked in a small group home (just me, an LPN at the time and a CNA) where many of the residents (8 residents, 3 were wheelchair boun...
  7. WoosahRN

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    10 years exp; night shift, ICU; Washington State; union. Pulled $90,000 this year with no OT.
  8. WoosahRN

    Called a code for a seizing patient

    I am in ICU but in our facility it is policy for the floors to call a "Code" for any new seizure or acute change in LOC. We also have a Rapid Response team and RISK nurse program but for the acute change, calling a code is appropriate.
  9. WoosahRN

    From Outpatient to ED... career change

    Go for it! You have your whole career. That's the beauty of nursing (and the various personalities that go into it...we can all find a niche). Don't get stuck in one area especially if your heart is in another (and especially if what you're doing ...
  10. WoosahRN

    Still get anxiety with peds IVs

    You've gotten some great advice here. I've been in PICU for 9 years and I'll tell you my weakest area are the 3mos to 15 mos (give or take). Fluffy and chubby are the toughest even with tools. I'm also really bad at ACs (got figure) and love feet o...
  11. WoosahRN

    So you're just a nurse?

    I've also never had someone say "just a nurse" to me.
  12. WoosahRN

    So you're just a nurse?

    (I'll preface this with I have not read the entire thread.) So I have no problem telling people I'm a nurse. I'm super proud of my job. What I tend to keep close to my chest is that I'm a PICU nurse. I'm also very proud of that job but saying yo...
  13. WoosahRN

    Patient Conscious During CPR

    Not sure about the details in the original post but picu nurse here and heard from many coworkers about an experience where a teenager in our cvicu went into an arrhythmia needing CPR and was fighting them and trying to push them off of her. Very dis...
  14. WoosahRN

    Can I only ever work with children?

    I have only ever worked in pediatrics. I've been a nurse for 9 years. But keep an open mind in school. You can't always predict where your niche will be. (We only got 2 days in peds out of my entire program....but 8 weeks in psych. Go figure. 😉)
  15. WoosahRN

    Shift work and dating

    Met my husband after becoming a nurse and working night shift. We met on match.com. Dated long distance for some time before getting married. My odd schedule made the long distance work because I could schedule a week on/week off and could see him mo...