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A friend of mine was trying to help me out, since my hubby will be layed off this fall. Another woman was looking for someone to take care of a neighbor for a couple of hours. So long story short the person that needed nursing help was given my number. The job would consist of straight cathing this woman with MS, as well as PROM. Doing some light housekeeping and taking care of her and her dog for 2 hours. She only wanted to pay me 12 dollars an hour for 2 hours. I told her that the going rate for an LPN home health nurse was about 20 dollars. She says she isn't going to pay that and that anyone can cath her. I told her that although I didn't have trouble cathing older women, alot of the people I used to work with at the nursing home that were trained as nurse's had dificulties. Anyway she decided I was "over qualified" and she did not want to pay me more then 12 an hour. She then told me she was a nurse too, and that what she was asking is not worth more then 12 an hour. What do you guys think? Am I wrong in asking so much? I would have to pay for someone to watch my 2 & 3 year old while I do this.

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absolutely not. BTW, there is always a risk something could go wrong and you would be liable. Very touchy if not working for agency or home health, etc. My theory is, if she thinks she can find someone at that price, LET HER. If she is a nurse, why can't she self-cath? I have cared for spina bifida kids who did. If you are not comfortable now with the situation it will not improve and you will never be happy. Good luck.

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You are right and most rates are higher than that.



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I agree with posters - too risky if something should go wrong (not saying you don't know what you are doing) and she should know better than anyone what pay for nurses is! Let her call an agency and then see how much she would be charged!


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I work for an agency and know the charges for skilled nursing help is much more than $12..... I agree with everyone else, you are right and probably wise to not accept the task.

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She thinks you are overqualified?

And she herself is a nurse who knows about the need for good technique in catheterization to decrease the amount of inevitable UTI's?

I'm not sure you, or anyone else, will meet her expectations. No doubt, someone not trained as an LPN will be blamed for the UTI she will eventually get!

Look for someone else to help!


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Let me get this straight -- you are overqualified and, yet, she wants to pay you $12 -- not $20 -- per hour. Big difference, regarding your nursing scope of practice & liability between straight cathing a patient, doing PROM, and light housekeeping & walking the dog. Too much for too little... If you are looking to make some money, and still need flexibility, go per diem -- either for an agency, home health care, hospital, etc. This particular case is not worth it.

Enjoy your babies -- they grow so fast. Can your hubby babysit, while he is laid off so that you can work? This way perhaps he can collect unemployment, and you can earn money without having to worry about your babies. Things have a way of working out. Hang in there -- and do what is in YOUR best interest and the interest of your family. Period.

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I agree with the above who states absolutely NOT, you are worth more and she sounds demanding and manipulative. After you pay for child care you might just as well stay home. If you want to work only a few hours a day, check with a home health agency. If this woman called back I wouldn't even take her call.

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If this woman begrudges you the right amount of money now, what will she be like working for after a while. You are better off out of it. The other posters are right, try per diem or agency. Good Luck.


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I totally agree with everyone's advice. If you have to get a sitter for the kiddos, why not make decent wages and work a whole shift somewhere per diem or agency....you can see patients like her one or two days a week on YOUR schedule and make good $$$.

I don't think I'd want to work for someone who becomes mean when they don't get their way...we don't need that headache.

Liability, liability,liability

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Agree with the above. If you want to work that kind of work go through a legal agency. She's just trying to get over and not pay what you're worth. Sure she may find a qualified CNA that can do that and more power to her if she can.

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