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Good morning! So what kind of experiences have any of you had with chiropractors? I go occasionally for my neck, so does my daughter, I like the instant relief so much better than having to take some sort of med. I have been lucky to have never had a bad experience with one and also my health insurance pays for it!


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I have never been to one. insurance won't cover it and I just cannot afford it. But with chronic headaches and what I am coming to think may be mild fibro, I sure WISH I could afford it. My husband IS covered and he swears by it......they adjust his neck for him and voila no more headaches.

I wish the military would cover chiro for dependents now......my kids could use it for their chronic allergies/eczema. My sil swears it helps hers.....

ah well. I have heard NOTHING bad about them at all. The providers I have heard of provide solid, effective care. I would rather turn to that than bottles of pills myself. I think there is room for that sort of care in the whole repertoir/tool box of wholistic care. I just don't have access....



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Two things:

BluEyes, if you're married to an active duty military soldier you are covered. I don't care what anyone tells you. Maybe you should check into that again before giving up. I don't know who's lied to you or told you something different. My father spent 23 years in the military. Anything he was granted we were done the same. Advantages, insurance coverage, privileges, etc ...

That is, unless he's NG or Reserve. Then, you would be rowing a totally different boat all together, heh. In that boat you'd be correct, he would be the only covered. That's the disadvantage of be in the NG or Reserves. :rolleyes:

Secondly, is it possible to get some kind of certification or whatnot to be a chiropractor and still be a nurse? Like .. once I finish my CNA could is there a class or something I could pick up and take to let me be able to do that? That'd be awesome! :)



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Good topic. I actually just finished a project for school on chiropractic. I've never been to one, but there is a TON of new research out there that seems to back up what chiropractors have been saying for years: IT REALLY WORKS! Seems to be really beneficial for migraine sufferers. I would love to give it a try, but just don't have the cash. My cheapo student insurance sure won't cover it!


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Had a patient come in that had to be vented, had a CVA on the table when chiro performed manipulation on neck. Apparently nationwide this is almost a common occurrence and a known adverse effect as some (especially those that are hypertensive) have fragile vessels and are prone to throw a clot. Well, look at Sharon Stone, stroked out from a manipulation. Then again the MDs at work call chiro "voodoo" and state that there is no such thing as true spinal manipulation as the spine will inevitably revert back to its former pre-manipulated state. Whatever blows your skirt up I guess.


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I thought chiropractors were quacks till I actually used one. Now, I don't always agree with her, but the manipulation works.

Having my neck adjusted felt better than sex(to my recollection anyway)!


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Huggietoes (I love that name!:) ) That is kinda scary cuz I get my neck worked on.. Maybe I should try the massage therepy instead?


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Back when my wife had Kaiser insurance, she was sent to a chiro for a back problem. With little or no medical knowledge, she did what she was told.

After a couple of years of manipulations, from head to toe, she finaly lost all sensation in her left leg. It turns out she had a couple of herniated discs. Whether they were preexisitng and further aggravated, or caused by the chiro treatment we will never know.

While in Las Vegas her primary was a DO. He would manipulate her neck and upper back, but would not go near her lower back. My wife said she would feel better for a couple of days, but would be back to pre-manipulation state in a few days.

My personal feeling are mixed, a chiro may do some good, but may also be chasing the allmighty dollar and doing more than he should, or extending treatment when not necessary. I would be very picky if I were to pick a chiro.



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For some things, for some patients, at certain times, chiro works well.

I have used it during three periods after various auto wrecks. Usually 3-4 treatments were useful each time, then I plateaued and it was time to move on to other things (PT, acupuncture, etc.) Each of these plateaued as well, after a few treatments. It is kind of knowing when to use it and when to move on. My view: if there is no significant improvement in 2 treatments, stop and go on to something else.

I certainly recommend AGAINST any of the extensive package deals, where one pays several thousand dollars upfront to a chiro or an acupuncturist (or fortune teller, for that matter) who contracts for a series of treatments to "balance the person's energy" or create some kind of cosmic personality overhaul. Snake oil salespeople are alive and well.

"is it possible to get some kind of certification or whatnot to be a chiropractor and still be a nurse? "

Sure, but the certification will entail your completing chiro school--a process VERY similar in terms of challenges and time expended to medical school. (Hold your flames those of you who haven't been through it. Good friends of mine went through chiro school and medical school at the same I went through nursing school (though their schools took much longer). We compared notes, talked, and saw each other when we could, and I must say that my fast track BSN was a minor effort compared to these people. Reasonable enough, since it wasn't a doc's degree.)


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My first visit to the chiropractor was when I was 13 years old d/t back pain I was experiencing a lot. When we got the x-ray it showed I had lower back scoliosis. A few adjustments later my back felt fantastic and my menstral cramps went from a 15/10 on the pain scale to maybe a 3 or 4/10. Unfortunately, being a teen, I didn't always make a good attempt at going back for more treatments as scheduled.

Now as an adult and sufferer of the occasional migraine, I've been rethinking it. Just may have to make an appointment soon!


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There are good chiropractors and there are those that are not good at all. (Same with any profession.) Chiropractic, unfortulately, has the stereotype of a "back cracker" and nothing else, but in reality, their training is similar to that of a general practitioner MD.

A chiropractor saved my life about ten years ago.


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Pros: It works and feels great! Cons: Insurance doesn't cover

I had an instructor who was formerly a chiropractor. He sold his business because he spent more time arguing with insurance companies and no time with patients. But I'm still fighting for insurance companies to cover services for learning disabilities; can't take on another battle :)

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