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migrated cross-country 30 years ago; nursing is 2nd career (20 years now); former SW; spent several years exploring local islands via sailboat before moving inland.

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    In some states, such as CA, RN's can suture, but cannot 'approximate edges'. In other words, you cannot suture to close a wound or incision, but you can, for example, suture a PICC line in place. I've never seen or heard of a CE specific to suturing.
  2. jemb

    technology and me

    There are those days when it does seem that anything new --computer charting, new equipment, new procedures -- are introduced simply so the powers that be will have something else to criticize us about.
  3. jemb

    Didn't pass one clinical rotation, don't know why

    Can you ask the instructor of that clinical what it was that caused you to fail? Did you get any sort of a written report or recommendation?
  4. jemb

    FDA: Antidepressant Warnings Issued

    I don't understand how it can be determined that suicidality can be attributed to the drugs. They are antidepressants. Maybe the same people would have become suicidal anyway, or even earlier, without the drugs.
  5. jemb

    my baby sister has breast cancer

    So sorry about your sister's diagnosis. One of the best places I've found to get good info is CancerSource.com. If you don't find what you are looking for there, pm me and I can send you many more resources, or possibly answer some of your questions.
  6. jemb

    Therapy dogs....what do you think?

    Therapy dogs are great! I wish we could have them where I currently work. My dogs (and cats) are my personal therapy.
  7. jemb

    Bear Wanders Through Hospital in Virginia

    Poor bear! Doesn't sound like anyone was in any danger to justify shooting it, but then as Jnette said... guess they just had to make it look like they were heroes. Kind of like spearing fish in a tank.
  8. jemb

    Picking at the air.....

    I've heard it called 'woolgathering', but I don't think that is anything official.
  9. jemb

    Tuberculosis Question

    We used to give Rifampin with INH. There's a new drug I read about recently for resistant tb strains--rifampentine, I think. Neither starts with 'm', but could that have been what he remembered?
  10. jemb

    New CVICU RN.. First PT death... OUCH, this hurts!

    You sound like a wonderful and caring nurse. ((((((((Hugs)))))))) I cried with you as I read your post. Oncology nurse here for over 2 decades. I know what you must be going through. I can't say it gets easier to see grieving family members, but I have learned to accept that I cannot do the impossible. I hope that you will learn, as I have, that your caring as well as your nursing skills make the patient's passage easier for family as well as the patient as they face the inevitable.
  11. Having to scout for blood for our own patients is a totally foreign concept to most of us in the US. (I say most because I have heard the subject discussed among nurses who have immigrated to the USA.) I can see how someone uninvolved could have thought you were trying to profit from the situation. Would you have been able to connect the two patients or families so they could have made the transaction without your getting caught in the middle?
  12. jemb

    wish I would have caught her name

    Found this via google: http://www.hawaiinews.com/archives/unusual/000287.shtml Jet lands with extra passenger Posted by HawaiiNews.com Staff at 11:32 PM on Jun 7, 2004 | 0 Comments | 0 TB Unusual A Wahiawa woman gave birth aboard an airplane bound for Honolulu yesterday. KGMB reporter Jacqueline McLean was aboard the flight, camera in hand, and covered the mid-air baby story. Fortunately for the mother, there were two doctors and two nurses aboard ATA flight 755, McLean reported. One of the nurses, Kerrie VaVerka, told KGMB that the woman didn't know her due date. It turned out to be June 6, however, as a health baby boy was born at 9:45 a.m. (no time zone was specified). While the flight returned to L.A. due to the incident, the other passengers eventually arrived in Honolulu 12 hours late.
  13. jemb

    Is my nursing license in jeopardy?

    Unless the doctor is the owner/operator of the facility, I doubt if the doctor has a clue that the facility has no policy. So it probably is not a conspiracy to hang the nurse out to dry. There are nursing standard protocols for such things even if your facility does not have it in a policy manual. I'm not familiar with Perry and Potters (mentioned by mushberry), but there are numerous references regarding nursing standards and procedure protocols. Oncology Nursing Society (http://www.ons.org) has tons of reference materials that would be useful for hospice, including specific info on care of VADs.
  14. jemb

    Thinking of quiting after 2 years

    You sound miserable -- I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your coworkers. Since you say the schedule just came out Friday and this is just Monday, there may be time for it to get fixed - especially if everyone's schedule got as messed up as yours. Anything that you signed saying which shift you were hired for might help. No employer can just assume that it is possible for their employees to change schedules, childcare, family and transportation arrangements on a whim. Key word here is possible. If it were me, I would tell them that I cannot work whichever shifts that I was not hired for. If they won't change the arrangement (for everyone- not just one nurse!) I would be prepared to leave. Employers like that are not worth the grief they bring. My guess is that they will be looking for a lot of new staff before long.
  15. jemb

    Should I complain to the boss?

    Or they could provide security.
  16. jemb

    Should I complain to the boss?

    Don't complain. Inform! (Pretend that you think they don't already know.) Write a letter to the head of the security department, with copies to the CEO, head of human resources, and the risk management department. Give them the statistics you quoted in your post , the source of the statistics, and state that you do not believe the new parking area is safe due to crime in the area. Point out that it is not well lighted and that there is no security provided for employees parking there, or for their vehicles. State that you believe they must not be aware of how dangerous this is for the employees, because you 'know that they would not want to put their employees in danger'. Either hand deliver the letters/ copies and record the name of the person who receives the letter, along with the date and time. (Or mail them, receipt, requested) If you get no response within a week, follow up by phone. If then you get the runaround, send a copy of the letter with a brief explanation to your local paper. My guess is you will not have to do all this once the risk is spelled out to the powers that be -- too much liability risk. If it were me, I would also (separate from the above) request that I be paid for the hour that I was kept waiting in the parking garage.