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migrated cross-country 30 years ago; nursing is 2nd career (20 years now); former SW; spent several years exploring local islands via sailboat before moving inland.

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  1. need an oncology nrs to help me c my husband

    Bless you, Sherri. May you find peace in your memories.
  2. Med confusion for newbie nurse, need facts.

    Is it 4-10 mg/24hr on a pump via sq site? 4-10mg in one bolus dose is not reasonable even for palliative care.
  3. Radio station giving away Flu shots

    I wondered when I read your first post on the subject if it was a joke. I mean, where would a radio station get the fflu shots in the first place when the shots are being rationed to actual healthcare facilities and providers?
  4. Question about IUD's

    Sometimes IUDs can cause serious pelvic infections. You need to get to a doctor, public clinic, or someplace to have this checked. While some spotting or light bleeding between periods is probably not serious, your symptoms sound worse than that. ...
  5. Warning.....Visitor Vent!

    I used to work in a hospital that seemed to have more than its share of people high on entitlement and low on common sense. I would have the following conversation frequently upon answering the phone at the nurses station: Caller: I want to know how...
  6. How much abuse from patients do you take???

    Can you pick up extra hours at your other job to make up for the ones you lose when you quit this one? That sort of abuse with no support from the powers that be can kill you!
  7. Loopus disease

    Do a google search for Lupus.
  8. Lunch Everyone? Am I paranoid or what?

    I would suggest writing an incident report every time this happens. If the charge nurses and the DON won't do anything, risk management needs to hear about it. Can you put the incident report in an interoffice envelope directed to risk management, s...
  9. I have been impersonated-Input please

    I would be furious also, but I don't know what an attorney or the police would be able to do. Maybe you could report her to the BON for impersonating an RN, but actually, I think she was impersonating a 'supervisor' who just happened to be an RN. I ...
  10. Two Questions About Quitting A Job

    Tweety, I think each employer is different in the way they handle payouts of unused paid time off. Where I work, they willl pay you for unused vacation but you forfeit any unused sick time.
  11. Our facility is giving free flu shots to all employees who have patient contact.
  12. New stress management technique

    :chuckle This one will come in handy! Thanks!
  13. Old couple on wedding night.

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  14. heparin and lovenox?????

    Something about the OP's question had been bothering me, and I finally pinpointed it. Since so many facilities now use saline flushes instead of heparin flushes, and many doctors order Lovenox instead of heparin sq, I wanted to clarify something for...
  15. Problem @ multiuse facility

    What a strange situation! I've never heard of such a setup, but there are many things I haven't heard of... I don't know how any nurse could safely leave the assigned patients to go to another location and check out a possible emergency! I would sug...