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  1. If you mean as a hospital CM, then no while in school because you will be working 5 days/week, and you will not be able to adjust your schedule for clinicals. Insurance companies have CMs, but while your setting will be an office (sometimes work from home) you still need to be present 5 days/week and your pay would be substantially reduced.
  2. KristinWW

    Is Periop 101 needed?

    Periop 101 is great IF it is the branded AORN Periop 101. There are many hospitals and community colleges that purchase products from AORN and are not allowed to use the term AORN Periop 101 because they are not. You'll know because they will call the program perioperative training course or something similar. Sadly, these programs also skimp elsewhere, and the training is a waste of time. Good luck, Jojo!
  3. KristinWW

    Scrub cap wearers

    I think the pony tail caps are attractive, but they sit on my neck and make me feel hotter than I already am. When I circulate for fast cases, I work up a good sweat running around :)
  4. KristinWW

    For The Love Of All That Is Holy . . . .

    "Prolly" for probably. "Anyways" for anyway. My wrath is quick and fierce when these two hit me. As for cursive, I had a special education asst. director tell me that OT wasn't necessary for my son with autism, because cursive is never needed anywhere. I asked about learning signatures and she told me that all he has to do is draw an X as his signature. Yes, she still works at the school.
  5. KristinWW

    Typical Staffing/Orientation for Experienced RN

    I did take matters into my own hands and asked - 2 different charge nurses said "too busy" and I asked preceptors at the start of each shift to practice on anyone and everyone, but I'm constantly told "things are crazy, not now", and "we've never been this busy before".
  6. I assume this is normal but I'm seeking input. I'm an experienced RN but coming from an ED with a 1:5 ratio with a triage RN, techs to start IVs, draw bloods, clean rooms. I'm now in an ED with the same 1:5 ratio, but we do bedside triage, start IVs, draw bloods, clean rooms when no one is available (most of the time). Charge constantly circulates and prompts us to hurry to d/c and take the next pt back to triage in a room. This is a community hospital with an FT area, not a trauma center, but I have been with a different preceptor every shift, and most of them have been too busy to assist me/answer questions at all. I have not been signed off on anything, have only had 1 opportunity to attempt an IV, and I'm supposed to go off orientation after 1 month, which will be the end of this week. Thoughts?
  7. KristinWW

    CRNA Question

    I agree completely. I graduated from my BSN program with a current CRNA. She received the worst grades in the class, but she got into an ICU orientation class as a new grad, was a fabulous RN, and got into NA school after 2 years of ICU. Good luck!
  8. KristinWW

    PCC, PointRight, Kronos ?

    The only classes I know are in-house. Are you trying to change jobs and need to know one of them?
  9. KristinWW

    NewGrad OR prgm mistake?

    I think it is wise of you to consider your options now. The OR is tough, has one of the longest orientation periods, is not critical care, and has little transferable skills. I absolutely love it but I was one of those who panicked and wanted to try something else because I was afraid I could never go anywhere else. It is extremely difficult to transfer and think about it from a business point of view - a lot of time and money invested in orientation for you to possibly change course again and leave. That's why units want either new grads or experienced. I'm assuming you've shadowed an OR nurse? You have to like the everyday work and environment, or you'll be miserable. Do you already know and like the ED environment? Peds?
  10. I have a Florida, Pennsylvania, and NJ license. Have had them for 9 years....
  11. KristinWW

    Drexel Fall 2013 Decisions

    Tuition was just raised for '13 - '14 and they are now only admitting for Fall entry, no more Spring entry.
  12. KristinWW

    Philadelphia Hospitals - Charting/Pay

    Tempo, some PA health systems are heavily unionized, which will affect pay. Most of these systems have some form of EMR, but some are more advanced than others. Also, some are magnet while others are not within the same system. Penn is one of those that's all over the place. Methodist is part of Jeff. Temple has taken great leaps of late, and has progressed with EMR and pay. Mercy keeps making administrative changes and once they establish their path, I believe they'll progress.
  13. KristinWW

    Any NP programs that use the medical model?

    Summit, I wondered the same. I know in CA, NPs and PAs are being trained together. No additional information, sorry!
  14. KristinWW

    Drexel Fall 2013 Decisions

    Thank you for your input! I am fortunate in that I work with NPs whom have graduated from all the PA schools, and each has it pros and cons. Workload actually is different at different schools - I speak from personal experience and from their experience. My experience searching now is similar to my BSN experience. I was accepted into a school that was definitely a wrong fit; I subsequently applied and I was accepted to the right fit school, and it made all the difference. I guess there really is a lid for every pot :).
  15. KristinWW

    Drexel Fall 2013 Decisions

    Hi Neuron! I meant that colleges outside of PA do not always serve PA students (or all states for that matter), and it seems one less issue to simply stay in-state. I thought it deceitful and certainly unethical to prompt students to apply, capture confidential information, and then tell the student whoops, we don't do your state.
  16. KristinWW

    Drexel Fall 2013 Decisions

    Neuron (I like your name :)), supposedly nothing is being sent until May, but I thought maybe someone heard differently or received a notification. As for the program, I've heard very rigorous, find your own preceptors, a lot of work in a quarter. After calling several online programs and finding out AFTER the application was submitted that they do not serve PA students, I decided to stay away from all online programs except those in-state. Good luck to you!

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