What is the #1 thing you can't go without in nursing school?


What is your nursing school "MUST" have?

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Brains. Don't leave home without 'em.

LMBO to the first two post...that was funny.

money cause these schools sock it to you...

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1. a wicked sense of humor

2. a very strong stomach

3. vicks on a cotton ball to tuck in your mask for obnoxious smells

4. my very own stethescope (pink or purple so no one steals it!)

5. a good supportive pair of shoes -- comfort above all and to **** with style.

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Coke and chocolate!


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Sleep: #1 thing.

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Yoga. Seriously. I became obsessed with yoga because I was a neurotic, worry-wart student, and it helped to relieve my anxiety.


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Calender/Planner and a digital recorder for lectures.