What to do about thin skin on hands from washing them too much?


I have been a nurse for 8 years,and with the constant washing and sanitizer use I have the hands of a 50 year old at 30 years of age. You can basically count all the veins showing on the back of my hands.Anyone know of any tips I could use to plump them up or reduce the veins showing? Thanks in advance.Maybe we could ask the mods to open a health and beauty section here. I know this is a nursing website but we also need to take care of ourselves,and it would be a good place to get advice.


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I use Avon foot cream as a hand cream; works wonders :)

I keep this handy during the day, and I slather it on at night. Much improvement.

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drink plenty of fluids and apply skin barrier, just as you would treat excoriated bottoms

Medline makes a barrier that smells good and is available to purchase online. $8 for large tube.

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somebody sent me, out of the blue, a big jar of "genes vitamin e creme, swiss collagen complex." i have no idea what all that means, but it smells pretty nice and in two days i can definitely see the improvement.

other good things: neutrogena unscented. vaseline intensive care lotion, slather on and wear cotton gloves to bed.


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I use Avon foot cream as a hand cream; works wonders :)

I keep this handy during the day, and I slather it on at night. Much improvement.

I second the Avon foot cream... this stuff is awesome.

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i'll 3rd that opinion regarding the avon foot cream, my colleagues introduce me to this product and it works! :cool:


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YES, isn't their foot cream GREAT? I love the Pomegranate Chocolate scent, but danged if it isn't discontinued!! So disappointed.

There's other scents in lotions, but I really like the cream, not the lotion, as the lotion is too thin for these chappy hands :) I'll have to either wait out my supply and hope the scent comes back, or go for another....who has recommendations?

(oh, and yes, it IS great for feet :) )


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Sorry I couldn't put my input on this, I'm not a nurse yet. However, I wanted to let you know they do have a Beauty section. Just go to "Break Room" on the top right and then click "Family" on the left and you'll see the "Beauty/Aging/Healthy Skin" :)

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Good old vaseline. Make sure your hands are wet/damp so that it can lock in the moisture.

I have severely dry hands (made worse with nursing) and I'm still trying out lotions and so far none of them have yet kept me moisturized longer than 2-3 hours before I need to reapply. I keep lotions everywhere though - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, purse, work bag, car so that I'm always reapplying which really helps.

I've started to use Lush's massage bars and I find them very moisturizing compared to creams & lotions. Read some of the reviews on the website.

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I use either Vaseline or Vaseline intensive care lotion. I also apply lotion hourly at work, particularly during the winter months.

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Anything with shea butter! If you are an organic person my friend sent me a website that a co-worker of her's has. She is a nurse and has helped formulate all the skin products....I have used her wound salve and her hand cream...they are great also!

organic skin care Meadowlake Farm Beehive Skin Therapies

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Mary Kay makes a three step moisturizer/conditioner thing, sorry I don't know the name. I was given it as a gift and I swear my hands looked younger after the first use. I thought I would test it and used the 3 step on one hand, and a generic lotion on the other and asked my husband if he could tell a difference. He did, immediately. Both visually and by softness.