What to do about thin skin on hands from washing them too much?

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At work I use "CamoCare" organic soothing cream.......it's a little pricey but it works and is non greasy. At home and at night I use Aquaphor, a petroleum based ointment that cures all and when the are cracked I use Sulfodine 3-way ointment for dogs or bag balm. (I'm a closet farm girl.)

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I second the vote for Aquaphor. Another nurse introduced this to me. I used Vaseline Intensive Care lotion in the WHITE bottle for years and years. Even on my face. But now that I am in my mid-fifties, I find that I need something more powerful for these battle-worn hands! Currently I am using Neutrogena Norwegian formula fragrance-free hand cream. Three bucks at Walmart, and it comes in a tube that fits your pocket.

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Oh, BTW. I live in an area where we can wear sandals for 9 months of the year. I asked one of the podiatrists for his "special foot cream recipe." It is 50% white petroleum jelly mixed with 50% lanoline. Mix it together in a clean, washed cosmetic jar. It is the greasiest stuff you have even seen, so rub it on your heels and wear socks to bed. I got the lanoline from behind the pharmacy desk at the drugstore. It works great, but beware: some people are sensitive to lanoline.


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Thanks all. I feel as if my body is falling apart.I look a little older than my age,and even when I look at other nurses it seems the same.

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