What do you do to take care of yourself???


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Dear femsmahus

Thanks for your post, great attitude

More of us need to follow your example

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here it is

manicures q 3 weeks

pedicures q 4 weeks

lunch out 2-3 x week

sleep in on days off

bike along river

dinner out as often as possible

take off work as much as possible

buying jewelry and make-up

all works wonders for my psyche


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muffie has the best response.......you can use those rules not matter were you are in your life:)


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Once a week I buy a candy bar. Just one. That bar has to last me the entire week. I use it as a reward. At the end of the day when I just want to give up, I take it out of the freezer and have one bite. Sometimes just looking at it makes me smile. Don't know why and I know it sounds kooky, but it works for me. Gives me something to look forward to.

I have one day a week (usually Monday's) where I answer no phone calls, no emails, nothing. I don't watch the news. No homework. I take a walk for pleasure and not to burn calories. I surf the net only for pleasure. It's kind of like the candybar - I look forward to it.

And next month I'm going to a monastary. A long weekend with no cellphones or computers allowed. The monks have taken a vow of silence. I can do what I want when I want as long as I don't speak. And it's completely free! Four days with no email or phone calls. I don't think I'll want to leave.

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Great post Bethin - I was assigned to write daily about what I am doing to take care of myself. One thing I like about Seattle is all the walking I am doing. I hope to lose some weight while I am here.

I plan to spend one day of this week off doing nothing at all (probably tomorrow) I will order in and just relax and rest from this long strech at work.

I am also trying to tell myself less of what I "should" do so that I feel less guilty when I do not do what I "should" be doing.

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Last week I started step aerobics in a class. There's about 15 of us, and it's for college credit, so it's motivation to attend. It's twice a week, an hour at a time, so we get a good workout. On the off-days, I do about 45 minutes with 5 lb hand weights. Keeping the diet low carb (not NO carb...), high fiber, and I continue to drink lots of water. I'm able now to tell the difference in my clothes, and have been able to wear things that I haven't worn in several years... like my favorite jeans!!! I got them on last week, and I was not only able to zip them, but I could fasten the button. They are a 38 in. waist... I'm so happy!


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I'm new to great nutrition as well but i have kept it up for the last 10 months. I exercise 4 times a week no matter how tired i am.

I drink lots of water, around a gallon a day.

You have to find your thing! What's the thing that makes you tick. I'm a horse nut, i have three. For me nothing beats a bad day like grooming my buddies. When i pull into a drive after a bad day, i'm greeted by whinnies and nickers. They are my treasure. I tell them everything about my day and they just ask for a bite of a carrot or a rub down, no complaints that they need a load of wash done or a drive to the football game.

You are worth it. We take care of people all day and rarely get a pat on the back, give yourself one and do something good for yourself.


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I swim 30 minutes a day at least 5x/week. After I swim, I go into the therapy pool and do 10 minutes of stretching. After stretching, I go into the whirlpool for 5 minutes and then hit the shower. It is worth every penny of my gym membership!! I also take a 1.5 mile hike 3x/week. I eat a salad everyday. I also go to the park and watch the sunset, especially when the waves are high, just the sound of the waves instantly relaxes me. If I am off on Sundays, I sit and watch football most of the day. It's the only day I watch more than 1hour of TV.


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First off I agree with alot of the others, sleep is the number one thing that helps. At least 8 hours a night. Second I think nutrition. Nutrition is hard to get from only food these days so I have to say taking supplements to make sure our bodies are getting what they need to finction properly. Due to the soil depletion and pesticides used, our food doesn't have the nutrients. I take a customized supplement made just for my body. I sent in a urine test and due to my age and gender this company can tell me what I need and what my body needs. Since I have started on these I feel fantastic. My parents who are in their 50's also take them and see a HUGE difference. The fact about nutrients is a fact and not a myth and we all need to think about that when we are trying to make ourselves healthier. Water is essential as well, drink lots of it!!! Especially when working night shift, I found that if I drank alot of water the nights that I worked I felt significantly better the next day. If anyone wants to know about the supplements I am taking feel free to drop me a note!!! Stay Healthy!!!!


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ideal RN, I would like to have some more information on the supplements that you are taking. It sounds like they work very well!



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I agree with RN about the water, more so when working 3rd shift. I find I feel more dehydrated after working 11-7am than other shifts. I do take herb suppliments and would be interested in the ones RN takes? I am also a firm believer in fresh food. I grow my own herbs and shop at the local farmers markets.

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I have regular " stay in my PJs all day and sprawl on the couch " times. Don't feel guilty at all either !!

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