What do you do to take care of yourself???


Hey there all, I was just wondering what everyone else does to take care of themself spiritually and physically!! I had not been doing so well at it when I was married...I spent so much time at work caring for others and caring for the hubby that I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TAKE CARE OF ME!!!!!!!! I have come to believe that a lot of other nurses are this way as well, and I wanted to see what others did to enhance their lives and promote self-care....

Here goes.....

I like to read a lot - I am a complete bookworm and have been since I was a kid. It runs in the family...There is nothing that I like more than to read, unless it would be shopping for books to read. Esp. in the half priced arenas....It;s like treasure hunting - you never know what you are going to find..

I also like to spend time with my family....'either on the phone or visiting...

Lastly, I love to grocery shop (I love walking through the grocery store) Looking at all those things and wondering what other people do with them..

What do you like to do to take care of yourself???


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hmm.. i have a little suggestion of caring your self or our selves.. I think it depends on the foods that we are eating.. We must eat nutritious foods, and i know you knew that. fruits and vegetables are good to our body.. we must limit eating meats and drinking alcoholic drinks.. and also have some regular exercise. do not focus on much reading.. give time also to have some exercise..

hope i can help..

thank you..:)

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Shonzz, I agree that we must take care of our physical self as well by exercising and eating good food...This can be a bit difficult when people work 12 hour nights. Do you have any suggestions??

As for not reading, well, I cannot give it up completely!! I come from a family of readers and it is important to me to keep my mind learning as well. This thread is about mental health as well as physical....


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daily and often.

Dance! (out of curiosity, are there any other nurse/bellydancers out there?)

Breathe conciously everyday at least once

avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible!!

keep away from fast food

water water water

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think positively

drink lots of h2o

eat the best that you can in any given situation

love yourself

listen to great music

exercise somehow, as often as you can

surround yourself with the best people possible

let toxic crap goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Thanks for all the good information!! I plan on trying some of the exercise related options soon!!

I do not belly dance, but last night @ work we were learning to lean with it, rock with it and walk it out!!!


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hmm.. well your such a busy woman.. then u make some time management so that you can give time exercise.. also walking is the best exercise.. if you have to go somwhere which is not so far then just try to walk, less expense more benefit to your health..

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Thank you again - I want to go look for an exercise DVD and start working with that- or just shaking my butt to music here in the apartment!! Should be fun!!


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I hike and backpack whenever I can. It is exercise, stress relief, meditation, you name it. Plus, I always sleep well in the woods - I guess the fresh air and the exercise.


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I love this thread!

I'm somewhat new to fitness and nutrition for myself, so I'm learning all sorts of new things, and how they relate to my own well being.

I do 45 minutes of cardio exercise religiously, every day. I get up at 6:00 AM on weekdays and work out in the family room. I build up a good sweat after about 20 minutes and maintain for another 20. Then a 5 minute cooldown and stretch. I'm starting to incorporate hand weights during the last half of the workout. I try to focus on breathing and posture throughout the day. And I drink lots of water; hydration is very important.

My diet is much healthier than it used to be, and that is so important, too. It's incredible, though, how easy it is to stick to. Lots of protein (eggs, fish, chicken). I try not to eat a lot of red meat, but once every week or so isn't bad. Lots of fresh vegetables...I've become very creative with combinations and ways of preparation! I throw lots of stuff in a salad; tonight it was pears and walnuts with baby greens and grilled chicken with a lite balsamic vinaigrette. I've eliminated a lot of carbs in flour and processed sugars.

It's amazing how my energy level and muscle mass continues to increase, which in turn only helps increase the BMR. If I'd known how much fun getting and staying fit was, I'd have done it long ago!


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ohh.. that's nice.. hmm.. i also have here some simple exercise which you can do it while lying in bed, or bathing..

my mom tried this and she told me that its effective because her arthritis is gone without taking any medications..

hmm.. i'll send to you soon.. ill borrow the book to my mother so that i can share it to you also..

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Thanks - I always like getting good info!!!!

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